Interview With Pacha NYC President, Eddie Dean

Pacha New York has become a staple venue for renowned DJs to spin for the night. From DJs like Avicii to Laidback Luke, Paul Oakenfold to Mat Zo, nothing says you've made it as a world class DJ quite like getting to feel the enigmatic New York City club vibe from the dance floors of Pacha. Celebrating their 8 year mark in the New York City nightlife scene is nothing short of a momentous step for Pacha New York's co-owner and President, Eddie Dean.

We snagged an exclusive interview with the nightclub honcho, and he shared what it's like to be behind the successful Pacha name, and his grattitude for the fans who have kept Pacha NYC running for so long.

Fast Track For fall

The summer season is coming to an end, and the cool air and colorful leaves of fall are quickly approaching. But just because the weather is getting cooler, doesn't mean we can't maintain our hot bodies! Running is a great way to stay in shape and it is also excellent for your cardiovascular health.

Here are a few great ideas to keep you in top fitness form :

Running Clubs

Get your Forrest Gump on! There are enough running clubs around NYC to go around, and don’t worry you don’t have to be an Olympic long distance runner or the Incredible Flash to join--beginners are more than welcome to participate. Here are a few running clubs to consider, and best of all, they are free to join!

Wanna-be Celebrity Justin Ross Lee is BANKRUPT

"There are four things I refuse to pay for in this city: parking, publicity, and p---y. The other thing is alcohol," Justin Ross Lee told the New York Post last month.

The free ride is over.

The Post is now reporting that while the club crasher is a shameless self-promoter, he's a shamefully bad businessman. His pocket square business -- yes, he's selling pocket squares -- is flat broke.

Your Staycation in Brighton Beach

"Russian Dolls," Lifetime's newest foray into reality television, is the "Jersey Shore" of Brighton Beach. And unlike their MTV peers, these kids can speak other languages ("DTF" and "bros before hos" doesn't count, sorry.) But if you really want to appreciate a hard-partying Russian crowd, it might be time to head deep into Brooklyn, and spend a day in Little Odessa.

As the TV show continues (Thursdays at 10:30), you can find more hotspots for yourself. But if you can't wait, here is your guide to a memorable night out in Brighton Beach.

The Rockhouse Rocks the Imperial Palace

The Rockhouse Bar & Nightclub has a daiquiri bar and one of the most inexpensive bottle service on the Strip. It opens at 9 p.m. nightly with live DJs and dancing in Las Vegas’ only bird cage. Rockhouse is located on Las Vegas Blvd. in front of Imperial Palace, directly across from Caesars Palace, in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. Its ambience crosses between that of a local dive-bar experience with the glamour of Sin City's nightlife scene.

By day, it's the spot to grab an ice-cold daiquiri while people-watching on the Strip-view patio, play in a few rounds of beer pong, or catch sporting events live on 28-television screens throughout the bar. The patio features a daiquiri bar and beer tub with bikini-clad cocktail waitresses serving everything from draft beer to 80-ounce souvenir guitars filled with your sin of choice.

By night, dazzling bartenders swing from tires suspended from the ceiling, dance on the bars, and pour easy-on-the-wallet cocktails. Their music is a blend of upbeat rock, hip-hop, and dance, giving partygoers the ultimate nightlife experience – without the "VIP" attitude. With a casual dress code and bottle service that won't break the bank, Rockhouse is the perfect place for locals and tourists alike.

Their Weekly Lineup of Events is:

Girl’s Night Out, Vegas Style
New York and D.C. Are Just the Beginning: DJ George Garcia

Beneath the curved brim of DJ George Garcia's beige hat and above his modestly low-cut t-shirt and half-zipped coat beams something that you can see plain as day from the dance floor of any club as you peer towards the DJ booth, or even in a low-key conversation here in the Joonbug offices: A smile. "You’ll never not see a smile on my face," he boasts. "That’s how I was raised."

Coming from a boisterous Spanish family and background, Garcia has always been involved in parties and family gatherings, and, frankly, always around a crowd of people. "I plug in my music and my dad jumps up and starts dancing and grabbing people out of the crowd," he explained about a family gathering, which usually turns "from dinners to parties" fairly quickly. His upbringing, too, led him to experience all types of music, from Spanish to Greek to heavily drum-influenced tunes, which, in turn, allowed him to pick up the snare drum in the high school band.

A Network of Social Butterflies

There's been a lot of buzz around town about the film that has been labeled "the movie that defines the decade." The Social Network got my wheels turning about the future of media, where we stand now as an industry, and, moving forward, what my responsibility as editor is to you. As we move forward into the most important season in nightlife, I want you to know that I have heard your collective voice and I promise to deliver to you the stories of the people who make our world what it is. You have told me through your interest in our interviews with notables in the nightlife community that you want to hear personal accounts from the mouths of the people who open the velvet rope for you every night of the week here in New York. So, look forward to some witty remarks, inside stories, and an exclusive look at the elite in the nightlife community.

Rome To New York: XIX Opens on Kenmare

The Roman forum it is not. In ancient times, the forum was a place everyone could come into. Don't expect XIX to be as inviting. Fitting into the upper echelons of New York nightlife, XIX will soon become the one of the most celebrity infused and intimate gathering spots this side of Rome. Find your way into the deep red corners of this new A-List nightclub for some of the hottest DJs in New York City.

DJ Alan Liao: From Brazil To New York And Back Again

As a Brazilian native, Alan Liao, started his career at 14 years old when he began studying music at the Souza Lima conservatory in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has utilized his mastery of guitar, electric guitar, vocals, musical theory, and sound perception to create the extraordinary and unique music he plays in venues throughout the world.

With a strong fan base in Brazil, DJ Alan Liao decided to bring his talents to the states. He came to NYC, one of the world's best night life scenes, in order to spread his love for music and continue his adventure. While having much success in NY, Alan took the wonderful opportunity to tour back in Brazil for 4 months at some of the hottest clubs out there.