As If!

Don't be completley Clueless and get ahead of the trend.

Remember when Jill Stuart had this iconic outfit in that 90's movie "Clueless"?

Most of us are old enough to remember when everyone else got their Delias catalogue. Ours was totally late every time, but when it arrived we fawned over faux designer handbags (for our smackers lip balm) and tiny J Crew replica preppy plaid sets. Most of our plaid miniskirts never passed the fingertip test and we still believed in this notion that technology was going to create Cher's closet for us when we were older...

Green with Envy!

What a coincidence it is that two of our absolutely favorite times of the year are so close together: New York Fashion Week and St. Patrick’s Day ! It may not seem to you that the two go hand and hand, but you would be surprised. How so? Well, although green was not the "IT" color of Fashion Week, we identified the most fashionable shade of green with Pantone as Cypress green. This gorgeous ethereal color appeared on over half of our runway shows and is going to be popping up in our fave stores all over the place. We love this color; it looks so sophisticated and elegant. Cypress the most trend setting gorgeous way to sweeten up your wardrobe and get ready to show off your Irish pride (real or fake!).

Jill Stuart Talks Spring Trends and Vintage Fashions

I recently had the opportunity to chat with designer Jill Stuart. I've always been a true admirer of her designs, brand, and fashion sense. For some of you who may not know, Jill began working at the age of 15 designing jewelry which was sold at Bloomingdale's. I find her work ethic extremely inspirational. It's interesting how we can admire certain fashions created by a designer and then upon meeting the designer in person one can actually love their collections even more. At that point, everything comes together and becomes real.

'90s Style Icons: Gone But Not Forgotten

It may seem hard to believe, but there was a time when socks were scrunched, skinny “jeans” weren’t made of denim (or for women), and Cher Horowitz was idolized by all. Although there is irrefutable evidence proving the '90s were a dark time for America regarding all things fashion, these icons definitely bring back memories of a simpler time (when news came on paper, carrying a cell phone was considered an aerobic workout, and names comprised of a number were not the norm).

Cher Horowitz/ Alicia Silverstone

Stylizer: Movie Night for Fashion Lovers

Whether you were into kinderwhore or hypercolors, the 90’s were an exciting time in personal fashion. Not everything always made sense (ultra low rise jeans, anyone?) but it was certainly always interesting.

Naturally, the films produced during that time reflect this smorgasbord-aesthetic. Every girl remembers the first time they saw “Titanic” or “Clueless”. We remember sobbing with our friends at the end of “Cruel Intentions,” cheering on the protagonists of “Pretty Women” and “A League of Their Own,” and having our jaws drop during the adrenaline needle scene of “Pulp Fiction.” While these films are not exactly all Oscar-winners, they have stood the test of time in a different way. The reason it was so easy for us to jump right into the worlds of the characters was due to the flawless work of their costume designers.

Breaking News!

A Clueless sequel is in the works. A source says, “They were talking about the script they’re working on and how exciting this is for them. It’s been a dream of Alicia’s to bring Cher back to the big screen. Amy is writing it, but Alicia is giving her tons of ideas” after spotting Alicia Silverstone and director and writer of Clueless, Amy Heckerling shopping together in Tarzana, California.

Seriously? I don’t even know what to think. It’s been almost 15 years … What, is Cher Horowitz going to come back as ditzy rich housewife?