End The Summer Right with Fresh Cocktails

We're gearing up for the transition to Fall and it's clear that New Yorker's already have the itch to don their best fall wear, but we're still not ready to let summer slip away just yet. The obvious solution to keep the spirit of summer alive is through these refreshing cocktails that can be found right in New York City or made right from home!

There’s nothing like sipping on a refreshing drink with summer fruit, so make sure to get your final fix of Gastro Bar at 35th’s Strawberry Fig Shrub -- Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka and a touch of Brooklyn gin shaken with fresh strawberry puree and fig balsamic vinegar, served on the rocks with a splash of fizz.

Carbonated Cocktails are the New 'It' Drink

We've all had our fair share of rum and Cokes or vodka with Sprites, but that's not what carbonated cocktails are all about. Some of the top New York bars are incorporating carbonated beverages into their menus, combining cocktail recipes with molecular mixology in order to create the most innovate libations. Booker and Dax, Lantern's Keep, Amor y Amargo and Saxon + Parole are a few of the joints in town that are utilizing this new technique. How exactly do you carbonate a cocktail without the traditional splash of soda? Get your hands on The Soda Siphon, a hand-held beverage carbonator. All you have to do is whip up your favorite cocktail, pour it into a siphon, and charge it with some CO2.

Spooktacular Cocktails

Scrap the vodka cran this year and whip up some of your own chillingly delicious cocktails, all suited to the costume of your choice this Hallow's Eve. Even if you aren't a cocktail guru, no need to scream...just head to one of the hot spots listed below to try some of these dangerous concoctions.

The Bloody Shine

2 oz Original Moonshine
3 oz tomato juice
1/2 oz fresh lemon
3 dashes worcestershire sauce
2 drops tabasco
Salt and pepper to taste
Mix all ingredients and shake. Pour into glass and add ice if you prefer. For all you victims of foul play this Halloween, this will be the perfect pre-game cocktail to try out with your deadly friends. You might not see it on the menu, but you can ask for this hauntingly delicious drink at Lure, Hill Country, Macalleria and Cafe Luxembourg.