Trend Alert: Tees That Speak

It’s August and the days of being excited to dress up for the warm weather are dwindling. Sure, it's still fun to put on a sundress and sandals, but it's a lot easier to just put on shorts and a t-shirt.

In fact, some days all we can do to not lose it in this heat is throw on a t-shirt, a pair of cut-off shorts, and call it a day. But, for us fashionistas out there, sometimes we feel a bit lackluster in a plain, old t-shirt. Something just seems to be missing.

Are you feeling us?

Mark Your Calendars: Even More Summer Sample Sales!
What could possibly be better than Proenza Schouler handbags, Pamella Roland dresses or jewelry from Made Her Think? All that stuff on sale, of course! We here at Joonbug did some snooping around and it turns out that sample sale season is just getting into gear this month. Be sure to jot down the dates below for sales on Splendid, Ella Moss, T by Alexander Wang, Current/Elliot jeans and more!
Trend Alert: Cape Town

"All you got to say is, ‘Batman to the cave!' and everybody lose they job that day." That happens to be a quote from one of my favorite movies, but I will leave the guessing up to you. Nonetheless, when I think of Batman, I think of an attractive man in tights; but when I think of Robin, the image of that dreadful little yellow cape comes to mind - and I hope he's reading. The demand for capes is currently at its highest, in the world of fashion. From the runway to the streets outside of fashion week tents, you can find some of today's hottest fashion icons donning the trend. From wools to artificial furs and from khaki to bright blue - locate a cape that complements your identity and style. Here in Gotham City itself, it's a little cold (brr!), so be sure to have bundles of fun layering with knits and bottoms to pull of your next adventurous look.