Choose (Red) For An AIDS Free Generation

Giving to charity can be hard work. Even if your heart is in the right place, sacrificing a little extra can jeopardize almost anybody's budget and although wanting to make a change may be easy, choosing to help is definitely much harder. Yet with Choose (Red)'s new campaign to help end the AIDS epidemic in Africa, people can now give a little extra without having to give anything extra at all.

Choose (Red) is a project initiated to help the Global Fund to Fight AIDS to achieve just that. Launched this month, Choose (Red) aims to encourage people to choose (Red) products starting in June to help contribute to AIDS and HIV prevention in Africa. Up to 50 percent of the money received from the purchase of (Red) products are directly contributed to the Global Fund. The catch is that all (Red) products cost the same amount of money as non-(Red) products. So by making the choice to buy (Red) products from a multitude of participating businesses, people will be automatically be helping by giving money towards this reputable cause.

Boot it, Don’t Suit it: Men’s Summer Fashion Don’ts

This summer there are some great trends for men to don; from 3.1 Phillip Lim’s ombre obsessions, to Louis Vuitton’s work and sportswear, there seems to be inspiration everywhere for men to go mad with fashion this season. However, before you get started on your summer shopping, or try bringing out those super short jorts (jean shorts) you men all seem to love when the warm weather comes, we are having a ‘What Not To Wear’ moment at Glam Damn It and for your own sake (as well as your partner’s) suggest you check out our men’s summer fashion don’ts before you realize you might be sporting one of them.

Sweat Equity: A Guys Guide to Hitting the Gym in Style

Nowadays, being unfashionable at the gym seems almost blasphemous given the rise of stylish workout gear. It seems our favorite workout-ready brands have stepped up, giving us apparel and accessories we can be proud to sport. Feeling great and getting fit go hand in hand, so there's no reason you can be styling while you sweat. In case you’re still living by the throw-anything-on-nobody-notices motto, allow us to show you the sartorial light. (Because we notice...we just do.)


Unless you’re David Barton, Converse as workout shoes is a definite no. Not only do they make you look like you have no idea what you're doing, but they’re also not adding to your gym game. (Gym Game: ability to attract members of the opposite and/or same sex based on your physical workout gear and/or workout technique. Yes, it’s a thing.) If you want your workout gear to reflect the long hours you have put in, try swapping out whatever it is you’re currently calling gym shoes in favor of these options, the Nike Lunarglide+ 3 Breathe or the Nike Free Haven 3.0. Note: Vibram FiveFingers shoes scream I don’t want to get laid, ever.

Mario 25th Anniversary Chuck Taylors

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the first appearance of Mario, Converse Japan is releasing two limited edition sneakers featuring the pixilated plumber. The sneakers come in black and white and feature the Mario playable in Super Mario Bros. Most of remember this game as one of our first video game experiences on either the NES or in the arcade, but it’s been ported to nearly every single game console since its birth.

The tiny champ will appear patterned on the classic hi-top Chuck Taylors. The iconic Converse star logo is replaced by Mario’s invincibility star. They’re an extremely fun but subtle twist on the typical Chuck.

These shoes hit stores come July!

Sunday Night Style

Matt Katz, Sales Rep for Kongol Headwear

Spotted on his way to the movies near the Boston Common

Hat Kongol

Snood Salmagundi, Jamaica Plain MA.

Jacket Penguin

Gloves Marc Jacobs

Pants John Varvatos for Converse

Shoes Harriet's Alter Ego, NYC

Style Inspiration David Bowie and Prince

Complete Your Holiday Shopping With $200

Ideally, we would all love to flourish our loved ones with extravagant gifts during the holidays. But let's get real: we're broke. Hand-made trinkets and home-made treats are great if you have the time and the talent, but again, this may not be a reality. For many of us who are working with limited funds this holiday season, there are still plenty of stylish options.

Converse: New Store Goes Old-School

The first official Converse store recently opened its doors in Boston. Located on 348 Newbury Street, the store is the brand's first official retail home. Not to be confused with Converse outlet stores, the location on Newbury Street sells exclusive merchandise, including sneaker styles and a brand-based line of clothing (much of it bearing a hearty display to Boston pride) that can't be found anywhere else.

If that still doesn't convince shoppers of product originality, they can custom-make Chuck Taylors, T-shirts, and bags at the ipad-equipped customization bar on the second floor, and walk home with their personalized designs around 15 minutes later.

Recession Denim Rethinks the Classics

Since it's practically impossible to step outside without encountering someone's fancy schmancy luxury denim-clad ass flaunting itself down the street, it can be difficult to not to get a little bummed (no pun intended) about the likelihood of ever obtaining a pair for yourself. Those of us that aren't as well endowed (and thanks to the recession, that's a lot of us) are left to fight over the last pair in our size at a sample sale or wait for luxury department stores to have warehouse sales (where items are still too expensive, even on markdown). But the clouds that are dampening our dreams of denim grandeur are lifting because of one woman's mission to make incredible denim incredibly affordable.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon: the Interview

You've already seen her at our Halloween party at Espace earlier this year. But now Kelly Killoren Bensimon is back and ready for more action at Gustavino's on New Year's Eve. Don't let her drama-instigating role on Housewives mislead you: Bensimon is more intelligent, funny, and eloquent than you think, and she's not stopping anytime soon. Love her or hate her, you better get used to her. Joonbug was thrilled to get a chance to speak with her and find out more about her family, her work, and her unrelenting quest for quality.

Editor's Pick: Product (RED) Edition

In honor of World AIDS Day, we here at Glam Damn It have compiled a list of products that raise awareness and also save lives.

Converse: 5% of the net wholesale price of these CONVERSE (PRODUCT) RED shoes will be paid to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Geneva, Switzerland).

Emporio Armani: 40% of its gross profit margins from sales of all Emporio Armani (RED) products will go directly to the Global Fund.