NYC: Your Weekly Party Fix

When: 7pm

Where: Big Screen Plaza, 29th and 6th Avenue,Manhattan

When: 10pm

Where: Bishops and Barons, 243 East 14th St,Manhattan.

When: 9pm

Where: Sky Room Times Square, 330 West 40th St,Manhattan

When: 10pm – 4am

Where: XVI Lounge, 251 West 48th St. New York.

When: 10pm-4am

Where: Gansevoort Park Avenue. 420 Park Ave South, New York

When: 10pm

Where: Santos Party House. 96 Lafayette

When: 1pm-11pm

Where: Randall’sIslandPark

Party-A-Day: NYC

We know many of you are getting your Independence Day celebration started early, so we've added some additional revelry for Friday through Sunday. It's going to be a wild week in NYC. Enjoy!

When: 7-11pm

Where: The Darby, 246 West 14th Street.

When: 5-11pm

Where: Tammany Hall Tavern, 218 East 53rd St.

When: 9pm-3am

Where: Highland Park, 206 East 34th Street

When: 10pm-4am

Where: Sway, 305 Spring St. Manhattan

When: 10pm-4am

Where: Gansevoort Park Avenue, 420 park Ave South

When: 11pm