New Music Gadgets to Add to Your Wishlist

The holiday season is approaching fast, and there's no shortage of cool new music devices out there for the aspiring producers, gadget freaks, and all around audiophiles in your life. Whether you're looking to get your younger sibling a new set of speakers to blast the new Drake record on, or you're ready to spend that iTunes gift card on a really cool app, here are some of the best bits of technology coming from the music world.

Altec Lansing Custom In-Ear Monitors

Imagine a pair of headphones designed exclusively for you? Well, if you're a professional musician or hardcore audio nerd and are willing to shell out serious cash, Altec Lansing is offering a series of custom in-ear monitors. While the monitors are super pricey at $1000, $750, and $500, those who purchase them will be able to consult with an Audiologist to create the perfect mold to fit their ears, meaning your live sound and secret Britney Spears playlist will both sound clearer than ever.

Soundproof That Annoying Friend

Unattractive object right? Hey, looks aren't everything. You'll be thrilled to have this when the awkward friend of the group wants to start karaoking at the adult New Year's party.

If karaoke is an every weekend kind of hobby for them than you might have an issue. Needless to say, don't think your friend will notice what kind of microphone it is if the drinks are flowing.

Just hand them this soundproof microphone and even the most tone deaf entertaining-ish person will bring in the new year with the perfect tune.