A Big Welcome Back to Royalton Covers

Royalton Hotel is bringing back Royalton Covers -- a Wednesday and Thursday night event that will take place each week until January, and feature rock, pop, and soul cover bands. Zip to Forty Four, the hotel's lux lobby bar and sip on their specialty cocktail, The Seven Spiced Cider ($14, apple cider, Sailor's Jerry, pineapple juice, lemon juice, honey syrup, cinnamon stick, nutmeg, allspice, clove, star anise), which will be offered exclusively during the Royalton Covers. Check out the awesome line-up they've got for October:

What's The Story?

When I think of cover bands, I immediately conjure an image of middle aged men dressed in leather and a feathered headdress belting out the monotonous party classic "YMCA". Yet I think I've finally discovered a cover band that doesn't make me want to recite my ABC's, and I've found that in A True Story.

This quartet of 20-something year olds from Lyndhurst, New Jersey sure knows how to turn any bar into a dance party. Captivated fans seldom leave before last call. Performing at popular bars in Hoboken such as Willie McBride's and Teak, to Jersey Shore hot spots such as Bar A and Donovan's Reef, these four guys put on a high energy performance from start to finish. A traditional rock band with an American Top 40 repertoire makes A True Story an instant fan favorite. Performing mega hits from Lil' Wayne, Kings of Leon, *NSYNC and more, there is something for everyone.