Pass the Courvoisier

Courvoisiology (n.) [kor-voss-ee-ah-luh-gee]

1. An unexpected blend of cognac and creativity.

2. The art of mixing cognac in untraditional ways, serving it at unexpected occasions, and introducing it to a creative lifestyle.

Courvoisiology is a new philosophy that pushes the boundaries of how cognac should be experienced, brought to you, of course, by Courvoisier. For the New York City launch, guests gathered at Millesime to experience a night of cognac with cocktails created exclusively for the event by renowned mixologists Moses Laboy and Duane Fernandez, Jr. Unlike other standard tasting events, this one showcased different flavors of Courvoisier cognac, along with smoking test tubes, bubbling beakers, and an array of spices and ingredients that can be used in an Courvoisier cocktail. While guests nibbled on passed hors d'oeuvres they sampled the creative cocktails being concocted right in front of them by the mixologists. During the event it became apparent that whether you choose to sip on Courvoisier Rose, Gold, or C by Courvoisier, you can really pair these diverse cognacs with bold and unexpected flavors and walk away with a great cocktail. If you need some convincing, feel free to whip up one of the cocktails from the event!

Take a trip along the Pan-American Highway at Oficina Latina

Envision yourself driving along the Pan-American Highway while the Beat Era is in full swing. As you drive down the highway, stretching from Mexico all the way to Brazil, the balmy Latin air entwined in your hair, you pull off to the side of the road to grab a bite to eat. Then you realize you’re in front of Oficina Latina on Prince Street in Nolita. With vintage décor such as antique tin plate above the bar from a 1920s bank, “trouble” lights from a mechanics garage, reclaimed hardwood floors, and recreated furnishings the atmosphere generated at Oficina Latina resembles the countless roadside eateries that scattered the highway during the 1950s.

The Secret's Out: Pegu Club

If you find yourself going through the door marked with an illuminated lion insignia and the words Pegu Club on the corner of Houston and West Broadway in SOHO, you might suddenly find yourself mildly nervous. Perhaps you question your outfit choice. Where did you just stumble into? When you reach the top of the steps to the second floor you’re greeted with soft, instrumental yet modern music you’ve never heard before and the light chatter of casual conversation. The lighting is low. The décor is Asian in influence: low tables fill the room and patterned woodwork covers the windows and back bar. The whole thing is eerily foreign yet somehow inviting. When you sit down and have a sip of that first incredibly crafted cocktail, your inhibitions fall to the wayside. You get it now, and you love it.