The Weekly Party Rx

Once again, the impending doom of another dolorous work weeks loom heavy on the minds of the feisty, over-worked proletariat! In the consummate war against apathy, monotony, and all the other odious byproducts of respectability and reason, there is only one true salvation: seizing the raucous potential embedded within even the most unassuming of evenings!

Fear not.The doctor is in, and doling out copious handfuls of revelry—one day at a time!


Wine School

When: Monday, March 5th: 6pm

Must the fickle omnibus of boisterous joviality always arrive in the form of thundering tuneage and overflowing liquid consolations? Fret not, for those in the market for an evening of intellectual stimulation—conveniently paired with liberal alcohol consumption, of course—than check out the City Winery’s monthly wine seminar. $70 secures your spot in this month’s incarnation, focusing specifically on “White Wine Vinification”—aka, a celebration of the lighter, oft-more accessible grape varietal!

For Singles & Lovers: Valentine's Day Plans for Every Personality

It can be hard to plan the perfect Valentine's Day for your significant other, but luckily, we've narrowed down your search. Choose the best option from the list before for you and your dude/gal (or just you) and hurry to book your reservation! Best of all, most options don't go too late so you have plenty of time to go home and, er, celebrate, this special day.

For the hard to please...

Spice Market's executive chef Anthony Ricco has prepared a special prix fixe menu for you and your special someone, exclusively for V-Day. Perfect for those who like the best of the best, this $66 (per person) menu features high-end dishes such as steamed lobster, spice chicken samosas, shaved tuna with chili tapioca, and of course a scrumptious dessert to follow. Call 212.675.2322 to book your reservation.

Admit One, Please!

Valentine's Day can sometimes seem like the end of the world for us single folk - every two people walking down the street together appear to be in a relationship and seemingly every romantic moment occurs right in front of you. In theory, an expensive, romantic dinner date with candlelight flickering between you and your significant other sounds lovely. But really, who wants to be stuck sitting in a boring restaurant when you can be surrounded by burlesque dancers and vampires, getting your fortune told, or singing vodka-soaked karaoke songs? Whether you're newly single or a veteran at the sport of going solo, the following events will pick your spirits up and get your face smiling in no time.