Urban Flipper: The Interactive Pinball Projection

One of the few real staples at bars and arcades was the pinball machine. While times have changed and arcades are slowly disappearing, the love of the old machine carries on in many of our hearts. The pinball machine is part challenge, part luck, and all lights and sound. It appeals to all the senses and worms its way into a nostalgic part of our hearts. While thousands of different kinds of pinball games and spin-offs have been created, France’s Festival of Lights takes things to a whole new level.

For the Festival of Lights, which is celebrated every year in Lyon, Carol Martin and Thibaut Berbezier, who together form CTLight decided to create something fresh and interactive. They did not think big, but huge. What they created was a pinball game so large it took on an entire building’s facade. Their creation is an interactive projected game of pinball, whose maze outlines the windows and borders of the Celestine Theater. On the ground, one person controls a regular game of pinball while a stunned crowd looks on to the building’s facade. The bright lights flash as the projected ball hits the game’s borders and corners. It’s true to the spirit of pinball larger than life all at once.