Event Preview: OPENING for Fade 2 Grey at Anacostia Arts Center

"Loving’s artistic goal is to tap into the unique essence, social power and flamboyance of how androgyny is played out in each musician. The viewer is challenged to make his or her own opinions about sexuality, gender and artistry as it relates to these legendary musical figures and confront Western society’s rigid constructs and viewpoints about gender." See more here.

Review: Cherie Currie @ Revolution Rock Music Hall on 11/8

There is a Rock ’n’ Roll Renaissance going on, and Cherie Currie, former lead singer of The Runaways, is just one of the greats reintroducing music with a message. The angel-faced rocker blasted a packed house at Amityville’s Revolution Rock Music Hall this past Friday night, and it was a show that we won't easily forget!

The kickass all-girl band, Jackknife Stiletto, opened the show. JS has gained recognition opening for acts like Murphy’s Law and Bret Michaels, jamming a new blend of rock, appropriately titled, VAGXCORE. The rockers roused the crowd with both original material and covers, including Heart’s Barracuda, and Spice Girls Wannabe. Studded leather bra clad front-woman Sam Stellar, growled out lyrics, while guitarist Annie Stoic jammed red-hot riffs, and drummer Mel Funk reinforced the beat.

Interview: JES

Starchildren, rejoice! Joonbug recently had the honor of sitting down with none other than trance vocal legend JES before her set with ATB this past Saturday night at The Roseland Ballroom. JES, who has been involved in the scene for over a decade and has worked with fellow superstars such as Tiesto and Cosmic Gate, opened up to us about her musical style, influences, and more:

Interview: Bombs Away
What's Happening in Boston This Weekend?

Friday, August 16th

Self-proclaimed "gayngsta rapper" [sic] and DJ Khalif Diouf (LE1F) will take the stage at the Institute of Contemporary Art’s renowned DJs ON THE HARBOR series. A singular talent whose high-energy hip-hop and subversive attitude propelled him to international renown, he has toured the world since the release of his debut mixtape, Dark York. Come drink and dance the last nights of summer away with a stunning view of the harbor and some ground-breaking music. 7:30 - 11:00PM. $10 ICA members + students.

Five Easy DIY Costumes

Just three weeks away, Halloween is going to creep up on us any minute! If you're stuck in a rut and can't decide on a costume--have no fear! Below are five easy DIY costumes you can put together with stuff that's probably already in your closet!

1. PSY: Okay, so "Gangnam Style," went viral via YouTube and frontman, Psy, is a fun appraoch to a Halloween costume DIY! This should be a big one this year for guys or girls! All you need is a baby blue blazer, a black bowtie, and black shades! The hardest part of this costume will probabaly be the dance you'll have to learn to go with it!

Summer Album Releases to Get Excited About

Ahh, nothing's better than an nice summer record release! That actually doesn't really make any sense, but here are a few new records and reissues coming out this summer. As always, if there is anything we've missed (surely), please comment below!

Aesop Rock: Skelethon (Rhymespace) July 10th

Underground Rap pioneer, Aesop Rock, is set to release his newest album FIVE years since his last one. Guest spots include Kimya Dawson, Rob Sonic, DJ Big Wiz and others. Pretty excited to hear what Aesop's been up to lately.

NYC: Your Weekly Party Guide

When: Mon, January 9, 8-10pm
Where: Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway , New York, NY

Come out to see comedians, writers and performers duke it out tonight. This hilarious event, sponsored by The Onion AV, will feature Julie Klausner (How Was Your Week? Podcast and Best Week Ever), Dave Hill (This American Life), Max Silvestri (Big Terrific), Gabe Delahaye (Mr. Coconuts) and Gabe Liedman (Big Terrific). What better way to start your week than with stress-relieving big laughs?

Rollingstone Magazine : the Playlist Issue

I've always wondered what famous artists do listen at home, or while driving their Escalade. You probably know that a lot of people who work on TV don't actually watch it at home. I was also curious to see if my favorite artists shared my tastes. I was astonished to see that Chris Martin from Coldplay could actually be able to listen some good sh!t (hate Coldplay).

You have here fifty different artists ready to share their Top 10 songs on one theme they care about. Wanna know what MGTM's 10 best psychedelic songs are ? Are you curious to see what king of blues does Mick Jagger listen at home ? I find that pretty entertaining.

Sunday Night Style

Matt Katz, Sales Rep for Kongol Headwear

Spotted on his way to the movies near the Boston Common

Hat Kongol

Snood Salmagundi, Jamaica Plain MA.

Jacket Penguin

Gloves Marc Jacobs

Pants John Varvatos for Converse

Shoes Harriet's Alter Ego, NYC

Style Inspiration David Bowie and Prince