Elle Honors Women of Hollywood

Monday night’s Elle Magazine tribute to the Woman of Hollywood event honored an amazing group of our most beloved starlets—but, of course, our eyes were glued to the amazing fashion on display. The event (sponsored by Calvin Klein, L’Oreal Paris, and David Yurman and hosted by Joel McHale) honored the careers of actresses Viola Davis, Barbra Streisand, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Aniston, Evan Rachel Wood, Freida Pinto, Michelle Pfeiffer and Elizabeth Olsen, and DreamWorks chief executive officer Stacey Snider.

According to coverage by WWD, the event was awe-inspiring for young actresses: “She’s one of the reasons I wanted to become an actor,” said Olsen of Pfeiffer; lighthearted in spirit. Reese Witherspoon introduced Jennifer Aniston; “You just want to get your nails done with her, and you want to make out with her at the same time, at least I do,” she said. “And that’s what we do sometimes on Saturdays;” and inspirational: “As I was walking the red carpet, someone asked me, ‘What sets you apart from everybody in the room?’ I said, ‘Well, I’m black.’ Just being real,” said Viola Davis, before adding, “You don’t always love what you do, but what keeps me in the business is hope, and that’s the hope that women of color are also part of the narrative.”

A Fashionista in LA, A Nobody in NY

I am a style Icon. Kate Moss, if you will. At least you would think so if you were to judge by the number of compliments and queries I receive on my outfits each day. Initially, I simply found the comments flattering. Everything appeared to get undue attention, be it my Topshop ballet flats with the gold tipped toe, my David Yurman statement ring or charcoal grey Mulberry purse. But then, as the comments became more frequent and the queries of "Where did you get those?" more recurrent, it suddenly dawned on mePeople were complementing my outfits because they stood out. Apparently, I looked different in LA. This was new to me, as in my home city of London, or on one of my frequent trips to New York, I blend right into the crowd. In those cities, the compliments take a vacation even though my outfits remain the same. This led me to conclude that there must be a fundamental difference between the way people dress in LA compared to London and New York.