Live Review: Deadbeat Darling

Their name lends itself well; they truly are darlings. Although the word deadbeat does not quite sum them with the same accuracy. Distinguished or delectable might be more apt, although it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue in the same way.

Name aside, Deadbeat Darling were hailed home like champions at the Bowery Ballroom in New York’s lower east side on July 9. Returning from their forty-three day stint in Wales in the UK where they were recording their second album, they headlined the sold out show which also featured support from three astounding acts.

Gary Spencer: Putting A Spin on Halloween

Hi Gang,

You probably haven't noticed that I've been away for a couple of weeks, but I'm back and here to remind you that YES it has been THAT long!

Lots to catch up on, and I will be catching up, but I can't do that without telling you all about this past Halloween weekend.

Before I do that and before I forget, this week you are going to get two articles from me, today and one on Friday, which will be a very special feature of British singer/songwriter David McAlmont who hits New York this weekend to play some amazing live shows.

Gary Spencer Video: Deadbeat Darling Interview

So you read his piece, now you can see the live exclusive video from Gary Spencer and his interview with Deadbeat Darling.

Gary Spencer: The Man Who Would Be King

Hello again Joonbuggers!

Ok before we go any further, I have a confession to make, fashion week knocked me out. This past week the only thing I've been dancing with is the flu bug. In fact, the only reason I left the house at all was solely so I could bring you this weeks news!

Oh and something else, I may as well get all these out the way - I promised to interview someone special in New York this week. Well I did, but I didn't interview the person I had set out to, so I have got someone else who's a bit special instead - not that you would know the difference, since you didn't know who my original guest was ;-). But anyway, I'll keep that one for a column in the near future, when he gets out of bed, or has finished at the nail salon or whatever else he does when he's ignoring my calls!