Inside LUCKYRICE Festival's Asian Night Market

While some residents of NYC were busy drinking margaritas in sombreros last Saturday there was another food event happening hidden below the Brooklyn-side of the Manhattan Bridge. The LUCKYRICE Night Market was part of the week-long LUCKYRICE Festival (May 1‑7th) hosted by LUCKYRICE, a media and marketing company whose motto is "If we are what we eat, we're all part Asian." LUCKYRICE specializes in bringing the diversity of Asian culture and cuisine to North American diners. In celebration of the festival’s third year, the 2012 LUCKYRICE Night Market paid homage to the unique experience of an Asian night market.

Savvy newcomer "Delicatessen" adds a deli flair to Washington Square.

703 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

Thanks to Delicatessen, Washington Square now has a place to satisfy diners in search of noteworthy deli fare. After a quiet opening in late February, this new eatery proudly boasts both traditional entrees, like the smoked fish platters, as well as more original, unique plates like the Monty Cristoberg, a sandwich consisting of challah French toast topped with corned beef, roasted turkey, Swiss cheese, two fried eggs, and warm maple syrup. There's definitely something for everyone at this deli.

Late Night Comfort Food in Soho
Model Mayhem

Trendy Soho eatery Delicatessen will be unveiling its latest venture. No, it’s not a new item on the menu or a drink special- it’s a models only lounge in the basement. Which sounds about right, there’s no need to tempt hungry models with platters of greasy food… best to keep them below deck.

Don’t think any one of us plain Jane’s will be getting in to play with the leggy ladies. You must prove you are a model to descend down the Delicatessen stairs. So how does one prove they are a model? Perhaps catwalk it down Prince Street; and vogue!And if that’s not enough, well you can just take it to the curb like an American Idol reject; maybe next year?!

Don’t worry; you’re probably not missing out on much. Unless watching models stand, sugarless gum, and diet cokes are your thing.

Sloppy Seconds

SoHo’s trendy eatery, Delicatessen, faces scrutiny as Executive Chef Michael Ferraro moves towards the final round of the Food Network's Chopped -- well barely. Judges Amanda Freitag, Marc Murphy, and Scott Conant gave Ferraro the most brutal condemnation on the last episode because of his improper handling of food.

New York Magazine reported Conant accused Chef Ferraro of not knowing how to use calamari and scolded, “You have a responsibility to serve edible product to the people you’re cooking for.”

Restaurant Robberies

Restaurant break-ins that were previously contained to downtown are spreading throughout New York City. Monday night around 11, cozy lunch spot Danal was robbed of $2000 in cash and electronics, including a laptop and an iPod. This marks the seventh in a line of restaurant-related crimes that began in early November of last year.

It all began on the 10th of November in Soho when trendy eatery Delicatessen was robbed. Twice. There was no official statement on exactly how much the thieves made off with, but police lifted fingerprints off the safe and a laptop was nowhere to be found. A little over a month later, 10 blocks away at (the now closed) Fiamma, some punks shattered the glass front door of the restaurant. Things spilled over into the West Village a week later when Cabrito was robbed. This year kicked off as computers were stolen from Perilla, a new American cult favorite. Black Iron Burger Shop turned out to be luckiest of the bunch when it was broken into 4 days later, no cash was missing.

Delicatessen Closed For Monday, Only

The SoHo joint “Delicatessen” has decided that it’s time to revamp. So, for one full night, owner Mark Amadei is going to pull a renovation off to accompany his introduction of a new chef team, menu, and beverage program.

The owner confirmed with eater that he was planning on "closing the kitchen Sunday night at 9pm and re-opening on Tuesday 10:30 am...We're re-doing the line to handle the demand we hope to create from a new menu and the soon to launch we figured we'd get it out of the way on a cold Monday in February."

Seems pretty smart. Although they’re getting rid of the popular Reuben fritters, there’s change afoot, like the addition of grilled Mahi tacos, carbonara croquettas, “sticky” ribs, mussels, and “Grandma’s meatloaf.”

Will this meet the expectations of the “destination diners” that Amadei wants to draw to his downtown spot? We’ll have to wait til Tuesday.