One Broke Betsey - Why Betsey Johnson is Timeless

In an interview with MTV style , Betsey explains something that truly explains why Betsey's designs will always be timeless. Betsey says " I always felt I was timeless" and goes on to explain how under all the neon , pop punk , frills and kitsch - her garments were always designed in stretchy cotton and gave women a comfortable sexy timeless silhouette.

At 70 years old Betsey Johnson has no plans to retire.With her whimsical style , Betsey Johnson will be celebrating 42 years of her brand. However the brand and designer had a setback in April , 2012 when the designer filed for bankruptcy.

Not Myself Today: The Wall of Moods

It’s rare that we stop and assess what sort of mood we’re in. No one really ever thinks to search their feelings before their morning commute into work (Who are we, Luke Skywalker?). It sounds silly, maybe even frivolous. We even resign ourselves to “fine, how are you?”s in conversation. That’s fine on the surface, but it’s also a reminder that our society isn’t great about talking about feelings, or addressing them. It becomes a problem when so many people suffer from things like depression and there’s still very little knowledge about its symptoms that are commonly known.

Designer Prosthetics from Bespoke Innovations

The loss of a limb is a situation few even want to think about, but a reality for many. For years, many associated the best prosthetics with ones that looked as close to their equivalent as possible. Congenital or traumatic limb loss is a very personal experience, however. Crafting a limb that looks as close to “normal” as possible does not erase a disability, their experience, or the fact that it is a prosthetic. There is no “fix” to make any of that go away, and while many want to feel as though they have a “normal” limb, there’s a fine line between pleasing the person who needs the prosthetic and pleasing the rest of society by making their disability as invisible as possible when most options for those who need prosthetics are the same flesh-colored pieces that emulate the equivalent body part.

Bespoke Innovations’ mission is to radically change this attitude toward prosthetic limbs. They offer patients that need prosthetics an option to customize their limb. The results are something undeniably beautiful. According to Bespoke Innovations, this is how it works:

Emerald Lounge Reveals What's Behind the Curtain in Boston

The Boston Theater District has a new neighbor, and this one’s just moved in from over the rainbow.

The Emerald Lounge opened at the Revere Boston Common hotel recently, with a serious Wizard of Oz theme and an exciting cocktail menu.

Once inside, deep-six the eye rolling and cue the jaw dropping, because you many not believe you’re in Boston anymore.

The Super Hot T-Rex

It’s Spring! The sun is finally out for more than a few hours at a time, trees, however few in the city, are bursting back to life, and the streets are full of spring dresses and pasty shoulders, finally seeing some action after months of hibernation. Just when we finally thought we could stop huddling around our radiators hoping for some warmth, the most awesome heating device in the world was created. We know your eyes are still adjusting to the light, but feast your eyes on the coolest radiator ever the be invented: The Super Hot T-Rex.

This conceptual radiator was designed and created by Art Lebedev Studio. Founded by Artemy Lebedev, this Russian studio is known for its offbeat and quirky designs and is dedicated to industrial and graphic design. The studio has already created some strange and really cool household items, but this T-Rex skeleton might just take the cake. The Thermosaurus is made of cast iron and is installed like a normal central-heating radiator. It’s even energy-savvy due to the distribution the cast iron skeleton creates.

Lifebook: The Swiss Army Knife of Laptops

The race to create the most innovative portable computer is on with the dawning of the tablet. The iPad has set a new standard for casual computer use. It’s thin, light, portable, and can do a ton of things on the go. Serious computer users find them a little lacking, however. Laptops and PCs are still a lot more useful in many ways, and they can store more. In an age where things are getting rapidly sleeker and smaller, though, our favorite computers could use an update. The Fujitsu Lifebook aims to bring laptops into the future and more.

“The proposed Lifebook is a laptop computer concept based on the principle of “shared hardware”. Currently a lot of hardware is wasted when we use separate devices, as there is often a lot of “repeat” of data stored and features. For example if I have my songs on my music player, why do I have to block the same amount of storage on my laptop? Similarly, if I have a processor sitting in my tablet, why can it not also run/assist my laptop? If I have a fully functional camera with its own memory and image processing power, why do I need to have it repeated in my laptop?”

Kreiss Grand Opening with Alonzo Mourning, Benefits The Honey Shine Mentoring Program

Miami's Design District is soon to have one more Fancy Furniture showroom as part of its collection. Kreiss, a fourth-gen family business famed for creating the "California Look" will host a Grand Opening Celebration on Tuesday, January 10th from 7-9 PM. In addition to being the first to peruse their three new collections, guests will enjoy hors d’oeuvres and sip eco-conscious cocktails courtesy of VeeV. (RSVP or 305.864.3434 ext. 199)

Soft Guerrilla and Harmless Weapons

Bean’s clean style once again makes an appearance as he turns weapons into something rather inviting. A feather becomes a knife, Jell-O becomes a grenade, toast becomes a pair of brass knuckles, while ice cream pops become a bomb and candles become ammunition. The pictures are meant to evoke the danger in activities like yarn bombing, which is covering unexpected things in yarn creations, like lamp posts, trees, bicycles, store fronts and just about anything tickling the imagination. Yarn, which evokes soft images of mittens, lumpy sweaters, and kittens worthy of a motivational poster from the 80s, is obviously not usually seen as a tool of rebellion. Gardening, too, is mostly seen as a relaxing activity or chore. Bean’s work evokes the guerrilla aspect of these new trends while holding on the very ordinary and harmless. It’s a really cool, and sometimes really appetizing balance.

Below is a gallery featuring Bean's Soft Guerrilla pieces!

Exhibit Opening: MonoVisioN

Who doesn't like looking at gorgeous design and glamorous celebrity homes?

Scott Frances has beautifully captured both. For a limited time, 68 large-scale pieces of his work will be displayed at the Design Center of the Americas in South Florida. This Wednesday, November 15th marks the exhibit opening from 7:30 - 9:30 PM complete with a Grey Goose-sponsored cocktail reception. In addition to exhibits of elite photos of architecture and design, guests will get a peek inside the homes of celebrities like Estee Lauder and Jennifer Aniston.

Sherry Wolf: Finding the Beauty in Tragedy

"I couldn't get out of bed for two years. Well, the first year I couldn't get out of bed. The second year I kind of started to - my girlfriend was going through something similar and she came over and started going through my closet. She was saying, 'throw this out, throw this out' just clearing everything away..then I started to leave my bed to go shopping online. And that's when I began remembering how much I loved fashion. It was good - it took my mind off of it. For a few minutes at know, Chelsea would have never wanted to see me this way. She would want me to keep going. So I try. For her."