Rihanna's Video For 'Diamonds'

Rihanna seems to let her emotions run free in her new video "Diamonds," off her new album 'Unapologetic' due out November 19th.

Opting for a more neutral, comfortable look, RiRi bares her soul through what seems to be the end of an era. The clips show Ri belting out verses in the desert as two horses are shown running beside one another, a burning rose and Ri's hand slowly losing grip from a man's tattooed arm. The song exceeds the word "deep" and she made sure for the world to know it.

Stylizer: Movie Night for Fashion Lovers

Whether you were into kinderwhore or hypercolors, the 90’s were an exciting time in personal fashion. Not everything always made sense (ultra low rise jeans, anyone?) but it was certainly always interesting.

Naturally, the films produced during that time reflect this smorgasbord-aesthetic. Every girl remembers the first time they saw “Titanic” or “Clueless”. We remember sobbing with our friends at the end of “Cruel Intentions,” cheering on the protagonists of “Pretty Women” and “A League of Their Own,” and having our jaws drop during the adrenaline needle scene of “Pulp Fiction.” While these films are not exactly all Oscar-winners, they have stood the test of time in a different way. The reason it was so easy for us to jump right into the worlds of the characters was due to the flawless work of their costume designers.

Bling Bling: Astronomers Discover Diamond Planet

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. The love for them has been imprinted in little girl's minds since Marilyn Monroe shimmied across a stage covered in them. Well, sorry men, but scientists have just discovered a diamond planet. So, if you were having trouble keeping up with the payments on that 1 carat, imagine what's going to happen when some oil heir buys the diamond planet for his mistress.

Reuters reports a the planet has been discovered some 4,000 light years away. The planet is about the size of Jupiter but 20 times more dense. The planet is apparently made of so much carbon that scientists calculate it must be crystalline --effectively making it diamond.

Get Your Parada On

The fashion world has declared that 2011 is the year of modern luxury. What better way to embrace this than by highlighting the Alberto Parada Fall 2011 Collection? In the process of developing concepts for his present Fall Collection, Parada explained his use of negative space and architectural designs. His inspiration, drawn from native South America. Many of the designs from his Fall Collection feature open spaces between the diamonds and bands of rings as well as open spaces in the center piece of necklaces. Parada enjoys the idea of a little skin showing between the gold and gems of his jewelry.

Diamonds are my best friend

Head to Arkansas, pay $7 for admission to Crater of Diamonds State Park and KEEP WHAT YOU FIND. We <3 our diamonds but did you know ...