Holy Ship!!! Releases 2014 Recap Video

If you follow electronic music in any way, then you have to have heard of Holy Ship. Countless amounts of pictures and videos of the event have been posted all over social media platforms since it set sail in January, featuring electronic music household names like Skrillex, Diplo, Disclosure, A-Trak, Zedd, Tiesto, Laidback Luke and even Pharrell. Basically, it was every raver's paradise.

Now, two months later, we have been gifted with a recap video that covers the entire 3 day event. Watch the video above to witness what really went down on the now iconic Holy Ship.

Listen to Dillon Francis & DJ Snake 'Get Low'

Getting low is an art form, one that Dillon Francis and DJ Snake have absolutely mastered. A legend in the realm of moombaton, Dillon Francis knows exactly what it takes to get your body moving, and DJ Snake is no stranger to banging out beats that'll have you winding your waist like a snake either. Combining DJ Snake's 'Turn Down For What' attitude with the 'Masta Blasta' himself could only lead to one thing, and that is to 'Get Low.'

Dim Mak Keeps It 200K Giveaway

There are so many things to celebrate about over at Dim Mak Records: the label's 18th birthday, it's 500th release, and most recently, the major milestone that is reaching 200K likes on Facebook. No better way to celebrate so many crowning achievements than by giving all of Dim Mak Records' dedicated fans a free download of some of the label staff's favorite tracks.

The Dim Mak Keeps it 200K pack is a handpicked collection of tracks spanning the full 18 years of the label's existence, including big tracks that have shaped the catalogue of 500 releases under Dim Mak Records' belt, and a few rare hidden gems to make this free gift that much more of a treat for fans.

Avicii 'You Make Me' (Diplo & Ookay Remix)

Take a listen to Diplo & Ookay's trap rework of Avicii's summer hit, 'You Make Me.' Released three days ago on SoundCloud by Diplo, the remix adds a nice dimension to the original track. It keeps many of the same elements from the original tune, only adding trapstyle drops to give it the Diplo & Ookay touch. Take a listen below!

Diplo 'Revolution' featuring Faustix & Imanos and Kai (Remixes) Review

If 'Express Yourself' instigator and Major Lazer group member Diplo is the leader of this upside down, twerkin' it on a handstand revolution, then the four names chosen for the 'Revolution' (Remixes) are his second's in command. Out now via Mad Decent, each of the included remixes adds to and improves the dynamic stadium sound of the original, all the while making sure to maintain the lofty vocal work Kai has laid out as the guiding voice of the title track to Diplo's previously released Revolution EP.

Ultra Music Releases 'Ultra Dance 15' Compilation
New Music Video From Diplo

Diplo really made his mark in 2013 and can easily be considered one of the biggest hit makers of the music industry. His takeover really began when he dropped Revolution EP over the summer, which now has a music video for its stand out track. Watch the trippy video above, portraying a group of individuals breaking out of their routine to live like they never have before.

Nardwuar the Human Serviette Interviews Diplo

What happens when Canadian funnyman, Nardwuar the Human Serviette, interviews the hottest DJ in the EDM game? For one, a hilarious interview ensues, and two, you get a real feel for what Diplo went through as an up and coming DJ to the level of success that he has now. Not to mention, scoring an interview with Nardwuar says a whole lot about the artist's accomplishments. Nardwuar has interviewed all the big names in the music industry from Pharrell Williams to Nirvana and Iggy Pop to Drake.

Diplo didn't bat an eye when it came to Nardwuar's unconventional interviewing style. By pulling out vintage records from artists like Rotary Connection and DJ Magic Mike, Nardwuar was able to reveal a lot about Diplo's past and the music that influenced a lot of his style today. Diplo shares what the music scene was like for him growing up, referring to Miami Bass records and what the strip clubs in Florida were like, as he reminisced over old times before hitting it big with the career that he has amassed today.

New Major Lazer EP Coming Soon

Major Lazer front man, Diplo ,took to Twitter recently to announce the upcoming release of their next EP. There is no confirmed title or date to it yet, but it has been confirmed that some big names will be featured on this project. Pharrell - the man who was somehow a part of every big hit in 2013 will be on there, as well as dancehall reggae phenoms Sean Paul and Elephant Man will be part of it as well. I told you guys before, Diplo is a force not to be reckoned with. He took over 2013, and is now in preparation to takeover 2014 as well. Check out his two hour 2013 round up mix, and be alert for some new fire from Major Lazer out soon.

— Kim K Mutumbo (@diplo) January 4, 2014