Dirtybird announces Miami BBQ and compilation
AC Slater, Dim Mak, and Party Like Us to Launch 'Night Bass'

On January 30th, Steve Aoki's Dim Mak label and AC Slater, the mastermind behind Party Like Us Records, will host the launch of Night Bass at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles. Recognized as the king of bass heavy house, AC Slater himself will be at the forefront of the madness on opening night alongside Dirtybird producer, Christian Martin. Featuring support from Astronomar, Petey Clicks, and Bones for the opening event, Night Bass will solidify itself as a must-see, major showcasing of late night, bass-crazy talent from all around the world.

Dirty Bird To-Go Expands to Tribeca

Fans of Dirty Bird To-Go can breathe happy now that the West Village eatery has opened its second location in Tribeca. This larger location offers up fried and rotisserie chicken in three different ways - dipped in buttermilk and fried, slow-roasted, and fried chicken tenders. All the chicken is sustainable, free-range and locally sourced for the best quality meat. Chef Justin Crooks of North End Grill heads up the premises with additional signature menu items such as mac n cheese, sauteed garlic kale and plenty of daily specials. Specialty drinks such as The Dirty Palmer (lemonade, peach supreme iced tea), La Colombe coffee and more are all available at the new location.

Who's Afraid of Minimal?
Hailing from Detroit, the breeding ground of techno, Vonstroke's style is not for the weak of heart. Infused with minimalist bits, strange vocal sound effects and varied percussions, Vonstroke's funky tech-house style sure makes for a good dancing time. Known for tracks like Deep Throat and Who's Afraid of Detroit, Vonstroke has made a name for himself with his custom sounds and quirky DJ personality