Dirty Bird To-Go Expands to Tribeca

Fans of Dirty Bird To-Go can breathe happy now that the West Village eatery has opened its second location in Tribeca. This larger location offers up fried and rotisserie chicken in three different ways - dipped in buttermilk and fried, slow-roasted, and fried chicken tenders. All the chicken is sustainable, free-range and locally sourced for the best quality meat. Chef Justin Crooks of North End Grill heads up the premises with additional signature menu items such as mac n cheese, sauteed garlic kale and plenty of daily specials. Specialty drinks such as The Dirty Palmer (lemonade, peach supreme iced tea), La Colombe coffee and more are all available at the new location.

Our Used-To-Be Favorite lil Chicken Place is Dirty

I had just asked my Editor where I should pick up lunch for the day. “Dirty Bird,” she proclaimed hungrily, “they have great chicken there.” But why did she look so menacing during the recommendation? Ms. Editor, you are a gastro-intestinal saboteur!

Behold! Dirty Bird To Go, on West 14th Street, has been closed for potential health code violations. recently spotted Department of Health tags on their door, which we noticed are now obscured by a large shutter gate. Apparently, their answering machine notes they are closed to make routine maintenance. Like changing their name to be less applicable to the cleanliness of their food? I’m sorry I stooped to it, but c’mon, they’re called Dirty Bird. Honesty is virtue, I guess.

Cheap Eats: Dirty Bird To Go

Dirty Bird To Go
Cuisine: Chicken and Homestyle sides
Pricing: 3 piece finger for $4.95

204 W. 14th St.
(between 7th and 8th Avenue)
New York, NY 10011
(212) 620-4836

Don’t you hate having to eat processed, unhealthy food on the go? Dirty Bird is here to solve all your fast food problems. They provide the convenience of speedy take out, but use seasonal, organic ingredients. The focus is on chicken (hence, Dirty Bird) and it comes Buttermilk Dipped and Fried, Slow Roasted Rotisserie style, or Finger form. Pair it with a soul food side like smashed potatoes or cole slaw (or both). Salads and wraps satisfy smaller appetites.