Album Review & Interview: Dusty Mush

Deep within a bedraggled attic in France comes the crunchy, warbled sounds of stellar DIY band Dusty Mush. Their name does not do them justice: Dusty Mush combines elements of crackling fuzz and mid-expanding surf rock to create a truly masterful debut.

Once we acclimated ourselves back onto this planet, we had an opportunity to speak with Dusty Mush about influences, imperfections, and Druggy Pizza...

Get Crafty this St. Patrick's Day!

Irish or not, we're all invited to participate in the exciting festivities taking place this St. Patrick’s Day. And as with every major celebratory holiday, is here to provide you with, not only the best parties and events, but also, new ways to celebrate the holiday along the way. So before you head out to one of our many bar crawls happening nationwide, grab some crafty supplies, pump your favorite tunes, invite your friends, and challenge yourself to a few St. Patrick’s Day themed DIY activities as outlined below.

DIY Mardi Gras Fashion

We here at, know just how creative our readers are, so we proudly present you with these DIY tips to prepare you costume this coming Mardi Gras!


Inspired by the lace detail in Hilary's Duff's mask in A Cinderella Story, we spotted this beautiful number all over our Pinterest and it was a must! Super easy and super adorable.

Supplies: tulle or sheer fabric, fabric scissors, ribbon, black fabric paint, saran wrap, tape and the template. Most of which can be found in the house or from your local craft store!

Interview: Dead Waves

When contemplating an important decision, do you ever ask yourself, "What Would Kurt Cobain Do?" Are you unusually attracted to flannel and fuzzy distortion? Have you ever heard of Dead Waves? No? Maybe "Not yet" would be more accurate, because you will. The NYC-based band is alive and well, and making waves with a gritty DIY sound that is being compared to greats like Nirvana, Pixies, Melvins and Mudhoney. Always eager to chat with a band about to make it big, we reached out to Dead Waves' Teddy Panopoulos to learn more about them, their new EP, the grunge scene, and more...

Project DIY: An Autumn in New York Event
Turn Your Fire Escape into an Herb Garden!

We would like to let you in on a little secret: adding fresh herbs to a dish, whether as a distinct flavor or a garnish, is one of the easiest ways to immensely improve your food. Maybe you already knew this, but a friendly reminder never hurts!

However, space in NYC is extremely limited. The prospect of growing your own herb garden may seem merely impossible. But we assure you, it isn't. As a matter of fact, growing your own herbs doesn’t take too much space at all, and the easy gardening reaps in benefits.

Good old New York City fire escapes and windowsills offer plenty of unused space on which to grow delicious things! Fire safety rules make it illegal to store things on a fire escape so be sure to get a planter that will hook onto the ledge and hang outwards toward the street. Planters can be found at most hardware stores or sustainable good shops in Manhattan.

R&R for Less: Seven At-Home Spa Treatments

Splurging at the spa after a job well done, a promotion at work, birthday, or celebrating just about anything is incredibly tempting. After all, spas allow us to drift into a tranquil environment while we indulge our bodies with treatments designed to boost our appearance and free our minds of the stresses of everyday living. Yet, massages, facials, paraffin treatments, hair care, and my personal favorite, manis and pedis, can easily add up to thousands of dollars spent each year.

Although at-home spa treatments may not provide the same allure of going to a super posh spa, just think about all the thousands of dollars that can be saved. You can put what you've saved toward more desirable purchases such as an exotic vacation, a designer handbag, or even a new car. Here are seven spa treatments that can be done in the comforts of your own home for a fraction of the cost.

The Lowdown on Low Ponies & Full Frontal Fringe

Spring dos are all about being natural, easy, and very organic.A hair out of place is totally acceptable. We are not looking for perfection on the head in fact, undone hair is what it is all about!

We are going to give you a round up of our top favorite hair looks!

Lowdown on Low Ponies: The low ponytail is a favorite among Spring hair looks. It comes in a variety of styles from sleek and neat to messy. What you have to remember is to keep the pony super low. Leave a few strands of hair to flow naturally in their place and keep the pony loose around the ears. The new low pony also looks super vogue by tying in hair extensions to elongate the look. A wispy low pony can be worn anywhere, at anytime, and is super easy to accomplish. This look has more than conquered the runway !

How-To: 8 Ways to Transform Your T-Shirt

They don’t call it the "basic T" for nothing. From scarves and skirts to ties and tote bags, no matter how you cut it, the simple t-shirt is a versatile style piece that can be transformed a countless number of ways to showcase your individual fashion sense. Here are some ways to repurpose old t-shirts, slice up thrift store finds, and stay toasty and trendy in the coming months.

The Diamond Pattern T-Shirt video tutorial from Refinery 29 offers an incredibly easy to follow step-by-step demonstration we just love! This look is very 'in' right now, and we think it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. With this guide, you can create an eye-catching piece that can be worn over tank tops, dresses, and other pieces. If you can swing the super edgy look of bare skin and a bra, this piece can be worn alone.

Sisters Doin’ It Themselves: 3 DIY Blogs You'll Love

Recently, the popularity of crafting and DIY (Do It Yourself) projects has been on the rise. You see it all over the internet, particularly on sites like Pinterest. People are choosing to get creative with everything from beauty, food recipes, furniture, jewelry, and clothing. And they’re teaching you, the reader, how to do it in step-by-step formats. Usually with beautifully photographed instructions that make you think, “What can’t this girl do?”

Below are three remarkable blogs that supply plenty of inspiring projects to satisfy your creative side. What’s more, you’ll actually want to do them!