Inspirations and Collaborations

Flexibility? Maybe. (Bending over to turn tables doesn't exactly equate to touching your toes.)

Dexterity? Definitely.

Introducing Eric Harary, a producer and DJ who's sounds are making quite a chant around the city. Praised by the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Eric has been the opening and closing act for legendary big-room DJs such as Boris and Victor Calderone. Playing clubs from Dubai to Toyko to Russia, this Brooklyn boy is about to explode on the American dance music scene.

Eric opened up to Joonbug about where's he been and where he's going, (all, of course, with a courageous attempt at hot yoga...)

Mark Farina Returns to New York

Saxophones, check. Piano rifts, check. Percussion, check. Hip hop sample, check. Muppet voices? You know it.

Introducing Mark Farina, who infused his Chicago-roots with San Francisco soul to create "Mushroom Jazz," a funky melange of the fore mentioned ingredients over a classic house beat, blended at a groovy 100-105 bpm. He's an artist who's been in the industry for so long, dabbling in both the rave scene and the lounge scene, he truly needs no introudction. (For more info, re-direct here.)
Reflex Le Roque is Rocking All Over The Globe

Rich Greene aka "Reflex Le Roque" is an international DJ stationed in NYC and taking nightlife by storm. He has been a fixture in the nightlife music scene for 10 years, and his career is still rocking hard. Some of you may remember him from Joonbug's Halloween party at Ajna Bar, and you've probably seen him at one of the city's hottest clubs. Check out what he had to say when we fired him some quick questions.

JOONBUG: What's the last record you've bought for yourself, not for DJing?

REFLEX: Digable Planets, I bought it at a yard sale.