SHM 'Leave The World Behind' Clip 1

The trio of now defunct group, Swedish House Mafia, chose to disband at the height of their careers. The news of their disbandment left their the fans feeling upset and the media confused. What had caused their surreptitious fall?

Earlier this year, it was announced that a new documentary was coming out titled, 'Leave The World Behind,' which closely follows the final tour of Swedish House Mafia. The documentary is expected to reveal some much needed insight on what caused the disbandment of SHM, as well as, the finals moments of the beaming faces of Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello as a trio.

The Restaurants You Love And How They Came To Be

"There are 18,000 restaurants in New York City.

Every year more than 1,000 new restaurants open.”

You’ve heard of Café Moto, right? Maybe you haven’t, but you’ve definitely heard of Le Cirque, Daniel, and Union Square Café. Well, could you imagine opening up a restaurant in New York City and having to go up against these culinary legends?

Looking for Kate

The lovely Kate Moss has something to look foward to for her upcoming 40th birthday: Paris Première will air a unique documentary on the fashion icon on Sunday, Janurary 12th entitled Looking For Kate. The film will include interviews and insight from insiders who have worked with Moss, including Isabel Marant, Paolo Roversi and Peter Lindebergh.

This film will reportedly "delve into some of the darker aspects of the woman whose face is known all over the world, but whose story remains shrouded in mystery." That is beyond true! Her last on-air interview was in 1995, with then boy friend, Johnny Depp- The Big Breakfast.

Kathleen Hanna Is Not Gonna Shut Up

There was a time in history when female punk bands ruled the world. Angsty rebel yells from women in bands like Bikini Kill, Hole, and Siouxsie and the Banshees were punk music’s secret weapon- tackling topics on sexuality, feminism, radicalism, etc.

The woman who led Le Tigre (and used to thrash about on stage in her undies), and now The Julie Ruin hopes to demonstrate just how she became known as the quintessential 90s third-wave representation of alt-feminism in Sini Anderson’s The Punk Singer: A Film About Kathleen Hanna.

Dutch Influence Documentary

When it comes to the revolution of electronic dance music, make no mistake that the Dutch DJs are the pioneers of it all. Amongst DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs, 6/10 of the Top 10 DJs are all Dutch, and even apart from a very calculated list, there's no denying that the most recognizable names in the industry have some of that Dutch blood pulsing through their veins.

Just to name a few, artists like Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Afrojack, Laidback Luke and Hardwell, were all featured in the film speaking in their native Dutch language. The film, which is available in select screenings across the US, follows the lives of these superstars as they go from one event to another explaining the sucess and influences of Dutch producers.

Infinite Daps Tour Documentary

24 year old Baauer and 22 year old RL Grime are on the forefront of changing the trap game. This past summer, the two of them teamed up to headline a tour across America together, known as the Infinite Daps Tour. Joining in on the tour were Ryan Hemsworth and Jim-E-Stack as the supporting artists.

Between the four of them, there was nothing off limits in their new documentary, Infinite Daps, which was filmed during their tour. The documentary gives an insider's view on behind-the-scenes coverage of their daily lives as the biggest producers of their time. RL Grime and the rest of the cast fondly calls Baauer by his real name, Harry, and the four friends are shown go-karting together on their down time.

Experience "Burning Man"

If you had ever heard of Burning Man, you definitely have wondered what the event actually is. Only a few people in the world can actually say that they have attended Burning Man. An event that began in 1986, it has grown to epic proportions and is still a very enigmatic occassion. Finally, there is a documentary that goes deep into the festival's history and its current state as part of the art world.

Spark: A Burning Man Story topped the iTunes Documentary Chart at #1 during its opening weekend. The New York Times said it best, "Since we can't all attend Burning Man, we can be thankful for 'Spark,' which is probably the next best thing."

Dutch Influence

Appropriately titled, "Dutch Influence," the film gets right to the point with saying that dance music originated in Europe and explains it's transition into America. The film features talented, global superstars such as Tiesto, Laidback Luke, Fedde Le Grand, and many more. The doc will follow these rising talents through some of the party capitals of the world and give fans an insight of their experiences and what it takes to stay fresh in the revolution of dance music. Check out the trailer and for more information visit the Dutch Influence homepage here.

Good Virus: Kindness is Contagious

It’s a tough world, nice guys finish last. There are plenty of sayings that are meant to prepare us for a mean world where success means being more underhanded than your predecessor. To many, there’s just no room for extra kindnesses, because kindness itself has become a weakness. This myth of kindness and generosity as things that are detrimental has kept people in fierce competition for years. The truth, however, is that people who reach out and help others are no more likely to fall behind in the world than peers who only look out for themselves. Dispelling the falsehood of self-interest getting people ahead is Good Virus, Kindness is Contagious.

Kings of Leon Premier Documentary Film Trailer

Released this morning, the trailer for Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon previews the familial and religious origins of the band's four Nashville-native members - brothers Caleb, Nathan, and Jared Followill and cousin Matthew Followill - as depicted by the film's director Stephen C. Mitchell.

The documentary follows the Followills' progressive rise to rock 'n' roll fame and their recent, somewhat volatile social position in the media. Including tour footage, southern imagery, interviews with the brothers' parents and the band members themselves, and childhood home videos, Talihina Sky (referring to the town Talihina in Oaklahoma) focuses on the Followills' youth as Christian boys in Tennessee. The film examines how their early years influenced, and continue to influence, their current status as a mainstream rock band.