The LEGO Game Boy Transformer

LEGO aficionado and artist Julius von Brunk may have created a mouth-full of nostalgia. What he has dubbed as the “Domaster” is a LEGO-made art piece that’s disguised as a classic first generation Game Boy, but that wasn’t enough. With a few creative snaps, the piece is--wait for it--transformed into a Nintendobot, an awesome take on the Transformers of the same generation. It’s the Turducken of fond late 80s and early 90s memories and an amazing modification to some regular LEGO pieces.

The Queens local is known for his custom creations. He’s built entire Super Mario Bros. levels out of LEGO, ray guns, Gundams, and recreated entire movie scenes before. He’s even got a pretty stellar LEGO tattoo. This guy knows his stuff and his latest creation lives up to everyone’s expectations! Even the Tetris cartridge residing inside the Domaster is its own Transformer, aptly called the Tetrawing. It even has its own tiny missiles to keep up with the Domaster’s battery-shaped arsenal.