Trump Soho's Summer Reading Program

When you’re on vacation, or out at a club, what kind of amenities do you look for?

The little chocolates on the pillow are always appreciated and the ever flowing rotation of warm fluffy towels are quite nice, but familiar.

New at the Trump SoHo, comes the Summer Reading program, which encourages guests to relax by the Bar D'Eau's pool deck with a Kindle Touch that they give you.

Pre-loaded with magazines and popular novels straight from Oprah’s summer picks, the glare-proof gadget is offered at a starting, and perhaps startling rate of $395 a night. Prospective guests should learn to speed read because the Kindles cannot leave the pool area!

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Inside the Nivea Kiss of A Lifetime Launch Party

Nivea Unveils Launch of New Years Eve "Kiss of a Lifetime" Contest! New Years Eve is perhaps one of the most celebrated evenings in all of New York City and everyone knows that is the resource for the most detailed, up-to-the minute and sizzling-hot information regarding the hottest & hippest New Years celebrations and soirees. When I heard about this new interactive, exciting and romantic contest, I just had to share it with the 'Glam Damn It' readers. After all, this sparkling night is all about that magical kiss as the ball drops over the city that never sleeps (in addition, the prizes are quite amazing).

Celebrity Apprentice Cast Members Take On MSG

What's all the commotion? People in the city got quite the surprise this morning outside Madison Square Garden. Cameras were rolling and security took on the intrigued crowd head on. As this joonbugger took to the steps it was clear that a movie was being filmed. If being tested on that assumption, the words 'You're fired!' would have snapped back.

Hello, Donald Trump! The billionaire stepped out from security into a clear line of vision only five feet
away. The hair didn't look too bad but makeup artist, please stop powdering his face. It's not tanning season anymore.

'The Apprentice Comes to Las Vegas

Hundreds lined up outside the Trump International Hotel yesterday with the hopes of one day hearing a very unfamiliar phrase from Donald Trump's lips: You're hired.

America has watched The Donald fire countless employees on NBC's reality show The Apprentice over the last six years as the contestants' dreams of working for Trump were trumped. For the past three seasons, The Apprentice has gone Hollywood featuring celebrities competing for charity (including my homestate humiliation Rod Blagojevich currently). But Trump plans on a return the show's roots with its tenth season, once again featuring regular business owners, managers, and executives.

Miami Mogul Dominates Social Scene

Under the pretense of a moveable marketing campaign, real estate mogul and Apprentice star Katrina Campins uses her former employer's advice to seismically shakeup the industry she reigns over at only 25 years old. In Miami, real estate and namesake mean the difference between being affluent or simply average. Campins certainly has mastered both creative talents by maintaining a fierce network of awe-inspired developers and contractors while eminating charm and charisma which characterize the now-famous Campins surname. Under the direction of Apprenctice producer and development tycoon Donald Trump, Campins graces the nightlife of Miami not to enjoy pricey cocktails at such aristocratic destinations as the Gansevoort South, but to procure prospective clients and woo young executives with her Fifth Avenue designer garments and flashy jeweled accessories.

Trump Tries to Stay Relevant

After reality television, bouts with Rosie O’Donnell, Barbara Walters, and Khloe Kardashian have all failed to keep Donald Trump news worthy, he has found his next publicity stunt victim: ESPN. Why? Because Trump and his team, the New Jersey Generals, were sick of the “minor leagues” of football (the USFL) and wanted to be admitted into the majors (the NFL).

Trump is interviewed in the most recent documentary by ESPN and Mike Tollin, and was quoted as calling the USFL “small potatoes.”

Shanna Moakler Will Not Support Miss Cali 09

Shanna Moakler just resigned as co-executive director of the Miss California pageant. It’s been no secret that Moakler was not a fan of the anti-gay rights pageant queen Carrie Prejean from the start. However, after it became clear yesterday that the controversial contestant was keeping her crown, Moakler issued a statement saying she would not support Miss Cali.

Prejean almost lost her title when semi-nude pictures of her were released in recent weeks, violating her contract, in which she swore she had never posed topless. However, after a meeting yesterday, The Donald decided she would remain Miss California, and runner-up to Miss America.

Donald Trump Weighs in on Chris Brown/Rihanna

We’ve already heard people like Oprah and Dr. Phil flap their gums about the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation, and they offered the predictably bland opinions that one would expect from television personalities who make a living by catering to the middle of the road.

Paging the outspoken Donald Trump to say something a bit bolder. Never one to mince words, The Donald told The Inside Edition that, “She better get the hell out…if she goes back, she’s a loser and she doesn’t deserve to have any future success.” Delivered with all of the requisite ruthlessness you would expect to hear him use when firing a bumbling contestant from ‘The Apprentice.’ Harsh words from a harsh man, although there’s definitely a lot of wisdom behind those words.

They’re Hired!

They reportedly began their new high-profile careers last October, but the cagey members of the elite media stuck by promises to keep the cast a secret. Luckily for us, NBC finally popped the lid off the news today and we discovered who we’ll be watching struggle through Trump’s dastardly maze to success this season. Celebrities desperate enough to appear on television this year are “Baywatch” babe Brande Roderick, country music’s Clint Black, Khloe Kardashian, Dennis Rodman, Joan and Melissa Rivers, Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton, singer Brian McKnight, comedians Andrew Dice Clay and Tom Green, football star Herschel Walker, TLC’s Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, “Deal or No Deal” model Claudia Jordan, “Monster Garage” host Jesse James, and ‘sport’ stars Annie Duke (poker) and Natalie Gulbis (golf).