Bargain Babe: 5 Places to Spend Your Tax Refund

On that morning when you're watching reruns of The Most Blinged Out My Super Sweet 16 and lamenting the loss of your million dollar upbringing (we know, we've been there too!), just remember that you've got a fat check coming your way!

In the midst of filing all of your taxes, maybe you forgot the light at the end of the tunnel. Your tax returns are set from the heavens, by stork and arrive at your doorstep just in time for super shopper deals! But where to spend the sweet bundles of cash coming your way?

While some of us might invest in a few household necessities, make a payment on a car, plan a sunny vacation or even join a new gym and commit to a get fit regime – we know just know to ‘invest’ our hard earned cash – ‘cause we plan to go shopping!

Cheap + Chic: Trendy Bags Under $100

This season's wardrobe completing, must-have accessory is…not a man! (Sorry, ladies!) In addition to a picture perfect pair of wedges, beach-worthy waves, and your favorite polka-dot maxi dress, take advantage of spring's opportunity to make your outfits really pop! Add a touch of spunky, spontaneous, bohemian, or couture to your look with the best spring bag for your buck!

Colors are everywhere for spring and one of our favorite places to see a pop of attitude is by your side in eye-catching tote form. Both high-end and contemporary designers are taking risks with when it comes to pattern designs, fabric choices, size, and shape of the traditional spring carryall. When you hit the ground shopping this season, it's important to search for cost-effective bags that won't break the bank. So, we did the hard work for you. We've scoured the web and come across eight of the hottest spring handbags all under $100!

Trending: Patterned & Printed Denim

A big trend for spring and summer is colorful denim with prints and patterns. We love this look because it can be incorporated into multiple styles. Here are a few of our favorites to get your fashionable hands on this season! Check them out and see which style suits you best. Spice up your wardrobe with a fun and vibrant pair of denim this season!

Vertically striped pants look great on anyone because of their slimming and elongating effect. We also love the bright colors that pump up an otherwise simple look. Find them in high-end brands like Current/Elliot, or for more affordable prices like the Moto Tapered Stripe Jeans from Topshop.

Holiday Party Style Guide: Splurge vs. Steal

You’ve received your first (of many) holiday party invitation (s). Check. You’ve started looking through your closet for what to wear. Check. You want new outfits. Check. We’re here to help make that happen, for all 100% of you (!), with our holiday style guide of affordable vs. high-end looks that will make you a show-stopper at any party you attend this season.

Pairing a sleek dress with a fun pair of sparkly heels has holiday party written all over it. We’re loving this purple satin dress from Dolce & Gabbana (left, $1,385) and these glitter platform pumps from Jimmy Choo (left, $745). Can’t quite swing the prices? Good news: find a similar look from H&M (dress, $40) and Wet Seal (heels, $30) for a fraction of the cost. Throw in some fun accessories and you’re ready to go!