Evan Woodhouse for 212 VIP

Calling all NYC party VIPS! Earlier this month, Carolina Herrera launched a modeling campaign for her latest fragrance, 212 VIP. Hererra and a team of judges narrowed down the pool of contestants to 8 worthy VIPS. Now, viewers vote who'm they like best as the VIP fragrance spokesmodel.

On the very same night of his webisode, Woodhouse will also be hosting a haute viewing red-carpet affair at TOY from 6 p.m. - 12 a.m. followed by an after-party at Double Seven from 12 a.m. - 4 a.m with Sam Ronson on the ones and twos and her sister Charlotte also in attendance.

Notorious 'Royal' Bar Brawl Still Not Over

This past February we reported on the Double Seven bar brawl between Grace Kelly’s grandson, Pierre Casiraghi, and Paris Hilton’s ex Stavros Niarchos III against former nightclub owner Adam Hock.

Five months later there’s STILL drama! The Prince and his crew are now taking action and suing Hock, his attorney, the Double Seven, and the club’s owner Jeffrey Jah. Casiraghi’s reasoning is that the club should have known that Hock was “a person of pugilistic propensity,” and thus should not have been served alcoholic beverages that evening.

The Naked Apple: Double Fun at the Double Seven

Last Thursday I went to my favorite new spot in town, Double Seven. In wake of a dramatic fight a few weeks ago that left the grandson of Princess Grace (Kelly) of Monaco, Pierre Casiraghi, beaten and bruised, it was a pretty chill night at the hotspot located in meatpacking. Yes, the NY Post and many other news outlets have covered the fight in depth, but I can't get enough of this juicy story.

I find it absolutely hilarious that Starvos Niarchos (ex of Paris Hilton) was punched in the face during this scuffle. I've had the displeasure of seeing him many times in LA and NYC and will say he's seriously a giant turd. For those of you who remember the original Double 7 that closed it doors a few years ago, I highly recommend you return to the new version --you will not be disappointed. It is definitely where you can find the most beautiful people in the city. In fact, it's so cool, Mick Jagger is a regular guest.

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Double Trouble at The Double Seven

Apparently there was a rich boy spat at Manhattan's Double Seven club over the weekend. According to witnesses the fur started flying after Pierre Casiraghi (also known as Grace Kelly's grandson) and Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos III (otherwise known as Paris Hilton's ex) showed up to former NYC nightclub owner, Adam Hock's table, started boozing on his liquor, and being heathens to Hock's lady guests. Hock, who was there with friends, Joel Warren, Jeffrey Jah, and models Valentina Zalyaeva, Natasha Poly and Anja Rubik, didn't appreciate the boys' behavior and showed them some tough love.

Refinery29 Brings The Peeps & The Beats

With Fashion Week comes new collections, exciting new designers and, of course, the parties! There's nothing better than after a long day of shows to kick up your stilettos and enjoy the fruits of labor; namely the dancing and open bars! Last night, Refinery29 kicked off Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with about 200 guests at an exclusive after party at Double Seven lounge in the Meat Packing District. Upon entering the industrial warehouse-looking doors, it was like walking into a cave with dark dome ceilings everywhere and cut outs in the walls. Guests huddled with friends around the abstract tables with small votives; just enough light to see the person sitting next to you. The best part however, was the people watching. The groups of people were very eclectic in their ensembles from nice button down suits and ties to the easy-going grunge look.

Open For Business: New York's New Spots

It’s the beginning of Fall and instead of retreating to our typically small NYC apartments, lets make the most of the city’s nouveau offerings. With new bars and clubs sprouting all over New York, you can make the city your personal treasure map. Go discover your future favorites at these fab up and comings.

Opened September 7th

Hearing the name of this new resident of Williamsburg, you’d expect to see the most serious, baby-boomer businessmen presiding inside, in crisp leather studded couches, and drinking scotch on the rocks. Now, throw those preconceived notions to the wind because you’re in for a comfy treat. Simple décor fills the narrow space with lightbulb pendants, a white tin ceiling, and classic red brick walls. This is the perfect addition to an area plagued by speakeasies (which we also love, but not for a low-key night). With its apartment-like interior combined with the Euro-themed wine list and menu (delectables hailing from Greece, Italy, and Spain), get ready to feel a homey sophistication at The Saint Austere.

The Double Seven is Good & Ready

As if he heard the calling for Fall comforts, David Rabin, has re-opened the renowned Meatpacking favorite, Double Seven. Finally, years after they closed in 2007, they are open and ready to welcome V.I.P guests found solely in the luxurious embrace of Double Seven. The décor is complete with individually sectioned black crocodile couches for those chilly nights where all you want to do is cozy up against your honey. Hundreds of candles flicker against an enormous shelved mirror to maximize that feeling of intimacy as fashionistas and friends mingle in twos. A place for friends, David Rabin, opted for a slow opening during Fashion Week, where friends and longtime fans of Double Seven (oh, how we’ve missed sinking into those couches with our perfectly concocted specialty cocktails), could preview the lounge.

Double Seven to be Revamped

Beautiful people who have gotten wrinkles from furrowing their brows over the absence of The Double Seven, can chuck the Botox and start getting psyched for a new and improved version of their favorite Meatpacking hangout.

With renovations to begin later this month, owner David Rabin is once again entrusting Dodd Mitchell to come up with a nifty design, this time for a larger space with more tables and an outside hangout area for balmy nights. Although capacity will be increased, Rabin does not want it to come at the cost of the intimate ambiance which made his bar so popular. A kitchen will also be incorporated to feed Seven’s emaciated clientele. The fantastic drinks menu should remain fairly unchanged with a few slight improvements. Such as? Alas, we must wait and see.