Miami Music Week 2014: Miami Music Cruise Hosted by Thomas Gold, Deniz Yoyu, and Danny Avila

Miami Music Week is only two weeks away and the water is the place to be! So what better way to celebrate dance music? Hitting the sun with some of Dance Music's wildest artists!

The beautiful Catalina yacht will set sail Wednesday, March 26th at exactly 2pm. The anchors will raise and so will the heat. Some of the most prolific DJs will be in attendance including Thomas Gold, Deniz Yoyu, and Danny Avila. This super yacht will sail from Miami's gorgeous downtown and make its way across the stunning SoBe skyline.

Over the years, Gold has certainly made a name for himself in the club scene, while Avila and Yoyu have become infamous. Gold's epic bootleg version of his Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” has made a global impact and his beats featuring an 8-piece live drum line-up in his “Thomas Troup,” have proved revolutionary. Avila and Yoyu's fierce style and innovative hits have certainly made a statement across North America in their Generation Wild Tours. Both have blended funk bass lines with signature beats like 'Koyu-drop' have fired up international dance floors across the waters.

Ultra Music Festival Weekend 1 Recap

To explain what it’s like to attend Ultra Music Festival isn’t quite that easy. Sure, those who can’t grasp exactly what “EDM” is just don’t get it. To love house music along with it’s accompanying sub genres, is truly a sort of cult our generation has embraced. Over the course of 3 days, Weekend 1 welcomed well over 50,000 people. In retrospect, that’s a tiny portion of the music lovers around the world. But to us? Nope. It felt as if it was the only type of music surrounding us in our own little heaven.

Joonbug Presents: Miami Music Festival Guide

With such a massive influx of music lovers comes daily/nightly musical happenings. Check out for our extensive list of events.

Ultra Music Festival Survival Guide

The bad news: Last year the festival was at Bicentennial Park, a significantly smaller venue than this year’s Bayfront Park. There was little to no cellphone connection available, probably because I was sandwiched in a mass of 100,000+ people. I can’t speak for the new venue’s cellphone abilities, but with an additional 50,000 people, I’m assuming the same problem will present itself. Your best bet is to set up sporadic meeting spots amongst your friends throughout the day, in case someone in your group gets separated.

More Places to Enjoy During Art Basel

Downtown/Wynwood/Design District

Food Truck Round-Up

Imagine this: Food trucks plus Art Basel at the Adrienne Arsht Center. It’s the lunch of Michelangelo himself… sort of. Anyway, the food trucks won’t go unnoticed for the 10th anniversary of Art Basel this year and you can catch up with mostly all of them this Friday, December 2nd from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Adrienne Arsht Center. Don't miss the live performances and interactive art! Enjoy the art on the street and on your plate.

1300 Biscayne Boulevard, Downtown


Wynwood Kitchen and Bar

New and Improved Chophouse Miami Bistro & Lounge

One of the things I can always count on when returning to my native Miami is dirt-cheap authentic Cuban food - the sustenance of my heritage. But now, with Miami's booming culinary scene congregating in the resurgent Downtown and the newly created Midtown, that good quality at affordable prices is true for other cuisines as well. Miamians are broadening while fine-tuning their culinary palates, and Peruvian Chef Juan Chipoco knows it.

In September 2008, Chipoco opened a brilliant restaurant centered around the cuisine of his homeland in the heart of downtown - a risky move (that paid off) in an area that is known to transform into a ghost-town at the close of office hours. The playfully named CVI.CHE 105 (pronounced ce-vi-che) was the word on the street upon my recent visit back to South Florida, and the packed, boisterous sleekly-clad space proved it. On a random downtown street, lined with empty storefronts advertising the "coming soons," CVI.CHE 105 had guests pouring out the door on an early Sunday evening. I squeezed my way through the disproportionately cramped waiting area to find a grand gray and white concrete expanse flecked with bright Caribbean colors and numerous occupied tables. First turn-off: the noise level is almost too much to bear, bouncing off the lofty walls and floor. First turn on: mounds of fresh fish ceviche were piled high on pretty white plates being doled out one after another from the ceviche bar at the front of the house. My stomach was rumbling. Next thing I see: Chef Chipoco standing solidly, arms crossed observing what I was observing but with a different eye. Mine, longing. His, scrutinizing. Talk about pressure in the kitchen. He almost made me nervous. But his overbearing attentiveness gets the job done; his food is spectacular. His hands-on approach wafts from the kitchen to the house as well, personally greeting guests at each table with pointed eye contact, a firm handshake, and an immaculately white smile. To assume he is meticulous man would be more than fair. And it radiates through his menu.
The Crawdaddy of the Weekend

Where else can you run into friends and be perfectly excused to not hug or shake hands—all because you’re covered in shellfish juice? Looks like you made it to Tobacco Road’s 11th Annual Crawfish Boil. Last Sunday, families, UM kids, New Orleans transplants, and foodies congregated to indulge in the star of the party: spicy, scalding red crawfish. Long banquet style tables were elevated at the perfect height for some serious chowing down. Food trucks like Latin Burger & Taco, CheeseMe, Dim Ssam a Gogo, Yellow Submarine, and The Fish Box lined the perimeter of the lot. Fire roasted oysters, gumbo and standard Cajun sides were also available. Not to mention beer and plenty of libations. There was even face painting and a drawing contest for the kiddos, giving mom and dad a nice respite.

420 Fest!

We know you’re all looking forward to celebrating our most beloved cannabis-inspired holiday next week, 420. So why not start early, this Saturday at 420 Fest?! Miami’s oldest bar, Tobacco Road, is hosting 420 Fest, Saturday, April 16th from 8pm-4am. Four stages will host twenty bands (get it? 4-20) at this 21 and over concert paying homage to the hampa. Some of the sinsemilla bands headlining the music fest are Timatayo, Behind the Houses, Purple Popcorn, 1000 Pounds of Thrust, The Deadly Blank, and Mr. Liqer.

You Ready To Suck Those Heads?

Get ready to suck the head and eat the tail! Try to keep your minds out of the gutter and focus on what’s important here- Tobacco Road’s 11th Annual Crawfish Boil. This annual Crawfish craze takes place this Sunday, April 17th at Miami’s famous Tobacco Road Bar from 12 noon-6pm. This is an all ages event, the only of its kind for Tobacco Road. A big difference from the 420 Fest happening at the same locale the night before!