Weekend Pick: Excision at Aragon Ballroom

The Aragon Ballroom is known for hosting artists that bring in something unique, a tradition that will continue this weekend as Excision comes to take over on Friday night. Though his first release wasn’t until 2007, the young Canadian dubstep DJ and producer has actually been spinning since 2004, and is the founder of 2 record labels, Rottun Recordings and Destroid Records.

Excision has collaborated with fellow DJs Bassnecter, Datsik, and Space Laces, to name a few, and his second North American tour with supporting acts Dirtyphonics and ill Gates has just 3 shows left. Armed with a 150,000 watt PK sound system and his famous Executioner light and video program, his noisy songs are loaded with twisted effects and unpredictable bass. Excision’s music will remove you from reality and throw you into something straight-up otherworldly. The show is 18+.

Event Review: Adventure Club At Lavo

The unrelenting New York City climate in the middle of a very chilly January did not stop guests one bit from venturing to posh nightclub, Lavo, on Saturday to view Adventure Club man the decks. The Canadian duo known as, Adventure Club, were probably better equipped for this weather being Montreal natives, but that's besides the point.

If you aren't already familiar with Adventure Club, all you need to know is that their genre is unique. It's dubbed as the 'clubstep' genre, and it's exactly what it sounds like. It's mood enhancing music you can vibe to, given the vibrating synths flowing effortlessly throughout. As a true Adventure Club fan, their set did not disappoint. They came on roughly around 1 AM and opened the crowd to some big room favorites like Martin Garrix's latest song, 'Wizard.' That was sure to get the overly packed club narrowing in on the dance floor from all corners of the venue.

DATSIK Announces Additional Tour Dates

Time to wubwubwub your socks off with the release of additional tour dates from DATSIK's upcoming Digital Assassins Tour. This massive North American tour brought to you by Firepower head honcho, DATSIK, will feature legendary guests like Wu-Tang Clan's very own GZA, and stunning stage productions like his signature Vortex Lumen DJ performance booth.

The first three stops of the tour in Philly, Boston and New York respectively, will be the co-headlining shows with GZA. If you happen to be in any one of these cities for the weekend of January 16 - January 18th, you will definitely want to check it out! As for us, we'll be patiently awaiting for the recap video to watch GZA perform alongside DATSIK. It will be interesting to see what this duo has in-store for the audience (it's all about the bass after all, right?).

Crizzly x Figure Review

On December 13th, Webster Hall threw their weekly Girls & Boys event on Friday nights. The 'advanced tickets' line was already long when we got there and that gave us a good indication of just how jam packed the venue was going to be.

The night was catered to both bass heads and dub step fans alike as the opener played an array of trap and heavy bass music. Crizzly came on first, and went H.A.M. on his set. He opened with electrofused heavy bass tracks that instantly had the crowd moving. The floor was unbelievably shaky from the crowd all jumping and stomping together. In one word, Crizzly's set was insane. He featured tons of crunkstep style tunes which were all type #nasty.

Excision 2014 Massive Tour Dates Announced

Exciting news for all the Dubstep heads today: Bass Music Boss, EXCISION, announces his massive North American tour dates all over the US and Canada. The Canadian dubstep pioneer is a class act that you just can't miss with his heavy bass drops that will surely have you melting in your seats. His tour begins on January 22 in Spokane, WA and will end on April 19 in Minneapolis, MN, with more than 55 shows in between.

Supporting artists on the tour are French drum and bass DJ team Dirtyphonics and the Canadian glitch-hop guru Ill Gates. These acts round up an eccentric and diverse mix of bass music sub genres that are crafted through creativity and precision.

DJ Muggs Premieres music video for his song "Safe"

DJ Muggs, the prodigious DJ for Cyprus Hill, brings forth the new music video for his song Safe featuring the gorgeous and talented Belle Humble.

Known for his experimentation with hip-hop and electronica, DJ Muggs has produced yet another legendary music video for his bass loving fans. Belle Humble’s sweet vocals accompanying the aggressive bass result in a beautiful syncopation.

The music video for Safe, released back in January on the album Bass For Your Face via Ultra Records, is set in a vast Californian desert-land in which an Indian Chief, perhaps a desert mirage, pulsates light and energy around him through his dance. Meanwhile, warrior women clad in Coachella-chic garb, and youngster cowboys wielding bows and arrows observe the enigmatic gesticulations of the Indian Chief.

Altogether a trippy and beautiful video that serves to highlight DJ Muggs and Belle Humble’s unique musical talents.

Watch the video below:

Skream Bids Farewell to Dubstep

It’s hard to see people step away from something they loved. It’s even harder to see people leave something that they help give recognition to through hard work and dedication with a negative feeling of resentment. Dubstep music producer Oliver Dene Jones aka Skream has recently announced his departure from the music genre that he has help build into a global craze.

The British-native DJ went public with his decision just a few days after Johnathan Gooch aka Feed Me went viral on his Twitter with his retirement from DJing. Skream, who help made Dubstep into an international phenomenon, explains that his departure from the genre is wildly due to his lack of inspiration he has experienced from Dubstep in the past years. “I’ve done Dubstep since I was 14 but there’s no way I’m going to be dictated to. I stopped because I’m not inspired by it anymore,” he told U.K.’s Daily Star in an interview about his departure. Skream also went on to explain that Dubstep has just been reduced to a name and that the movement was over. He also stated in the same interview that his performance at the Red Bull Music Academy was his final Dubstep set that he would performing for the time being.

T Swift Goes Dubstep

We all know Taylor Swift is one to pen her real life experiences to produce massive hit songs that every girl (even if half of us claim not to) can relate to. In this case, a relationship with a bad boy gone wrong. Ring a bell? Swift is currently promoting Red, her new album set to be released on Oct. 22, and has previewed a few tracks which stick to her country pop sounds. However, in her newest release "I Knew You Were Trouble" comes seasoned with a little, wait for it.... dubstep.

The song features a hook infused with dub sounds over Swifts ever so powerful lyrics. With the help of Shellback and Max Martin, a Swedish production duo, the songwriting and vibe mixes a few traditional Swiftisms a la Skrillex to create a track that will probably be on repeat for the next month. Check it out below!

Mixtape Monday 001

Welcome to the newest addition to Mixtape Monday. Starting this week, we will be featuring some of the hottest new sounds, most awesome music videos, or just straight up classics to get your week started off right. Got any recommendations? Any requests? Feel free to leave them in the comment box below, and be sure to check back each week for the new edition!

What needs to be said for the Flosstradamus remix of Major Lazer's "Original Don." It essentially triggered an entire wave of EDM (Electric Dance Music) Trap music that's taking over EVERYTHING in the underground right now.

Who's Zed? Zeds Dead Baby: Our Exclusive Interview

Joonbug: You guys started off producing hip-hop together eight years ago. How did your music-making veer onto the dubstep path?

Zack: It changed with what we were exposed to and listened to. Back then we wanted to make music for rappers. Then we started seeing that our production was advancing to the point that we could make music that would stand on its own. We worked on making an instrumental album called “Fresh Beetz” and we put that out and sold it ourselves out of duffel bags.

With drum and bass, we had some friends that we used to do graffiti with and when we hung at their houses they were always listening to Technical Itch and Noisia and stuff like that. I was really interested in it, it was like a next level of production. I didn’t know how to do any of it. Even though I was getting really advanced with making hip-hop beats I felt like a beginner in that world. We learned how to make electro-house with an added drum and bass sound, which I think is the coolest sound. We were slowing down the electro-house stuff and putting a snare in it which seemed like dubstep.