The Refined Gentleman

When Seun Olubodun used his dog, Duke, as inspiration for his fashion line, he had no idea it would become such a success. Duke & Winston, the company that offers east coast-inspired garments, is named after a bulldog and Winston obviously it can do no wrong.

The fashion line was created in 2009 and was solely focused on menswear. The goal was to create casual duds for the modern gentleman - sorry, Ed Hardy fans, that discludes you. The graphic tees in the collection sported Duke's mean mug and was an instant hit, and we can sure see why. Now the line has expanded to include both womenswear and clothing for pets (check out the perfect stocking stuffer for the pet lover here). Seun states of his most recent collection - his Fall 2012 Boathouse Row series - that he was "inspired to put together a fall line that is a little more refined than my more graphic line of t-shirts. It focuses more on subtle graphics and embroideries, and makes a perfect transition from summer to fall.”