Today is National Spinach Day!

Now we’ve come to the life-talk part. Let’s be real, sometimes spinach doesn’t taste very good, and that’s probably why it has a little bit of a bad reputation. After all, overcooked bitter greens taste like sadness and those great attempts at “all natural energy drinks” usually result in a horrifically chunky concoction which we really don't want to talk about. Therefore, we dove into the kitchen and played around with some ideas until we produced two delicious recipes created for just you! Bring our green friend into your world, we promise it won’t bite.


Au Za'atar is Now Open!
Love Miso? You'll love Ramen Misoya

As full-time ramen connoisseurs, we make it our mission to discover the best—and only the best—ramen places in the city. The East Village is heaven for authentic ramen and now Ramen Misoya is carving a name for itself right around the bend in St. Marks Place.

With the big ramen guns making headlines like Ippudo, Totto Ramen and Terakawa, it's undeniable that all these places are exceptionally good and yes, rivalry still runs strong in the New York ramen scene. But what sets these places apart from each other are the broths and noodles. Ramen Misoya focuses on three types of miso for its broths: kome, mame and shiro. Known as the standard miso, the kome is made of rice and is rather rich in flavor and aroma. The mame miso is dark-colored and produced from beans, infused with distinct sweetness and contains the richest texture among the three. Finally, the shiro miso is a light-colored miso that is slightly less intense than the kome.

Fashion Week Takes a Trek

Wang announced the move to Duggal Greenhouse for his February 8th show. Fashion followers are complaining about the move and the commute from the base in Lincoln Center across the East River.

Being the must-see show of Wang's debut collection - the turnoput is not expected to be poorer because of the trek.

Wang will be the first major designer to go outside the Manhattan box for Fashion Week. Wang is also considered one of the only designers with enough of a following and a pull to bring fashion watchers to the stunning Duggal Greenhouse location.

Getting Their Schnitz Together

Three years ago, a gang of restaurateurs wanted to start their own food company called Schnitz. The problem was that opening a restaurant in New York City is a tough job, and the three had never done anything like it before. As a possible solution, they started blogging about their experiences, from developing a logo to working on their menu. The goal was to build a community for feedback and to chronicle their struggles and successes in case anyone wanted to follow in their footsteps. In late December, Schnitz nailed down their first brick-and-mortar location.


When Canada’s favorite street hot dogs crashed the East Village, nobody looked at hot dogs the same way again. Helmed by Japanese native Noriki Tamura, Japadog is a little shop on St. Marks Place that serves an eclectic array of Japanese snacks. Japadog takes the typical American fast food like fries and hot dogs on a non-quintessential spin, blowing minds away with crazy flavors and combinations that exceed your wildest imaginations.

Let's be frank. We love this place because everything on the menu screams adventure — from the butter and shoyu (soy sauce) fries to the three-scoop ice cream sandwich. The latter is known as the Ice Age and contains three scoops of flavored ice cream sandwiched between deep fried buns. We’re talking cool flavors like black sesame, mango and green tea, among the classic vanilla and strawberry.

Delicious Japanese Curry in the East Village

It's often the hole-in-the-wall places that surprise you. Nestled in the East Village, a red circular sign boldly announces Curry Ya's presence among the other Japanese restaurants and bars on the block.

Space is limited here, so be prepared to squeeze your way in. Despite the size, the interior is clean and simple with plain white walls and tall wooden stools with a little storage compartment at the bottom for your personal belongings. A long counter stretches from one end of the wall and bends around. Behind the counter you get an unobscured view of the kitchen, where the chefs work quietly around the stoves and oven.

Han Dynasty

Great news, New Yorkers! The Big Apple just scored itself another amazing Asian eatery: Han Dynasty. The famous Chinese restaurant recently branched out from Philadelphia and snagged a sweet spot in the East Village, catering the same delicious Szechuan cuisine as its Philly pioneer.

You can expect no less from Han Dynasty, which was voted one of the top 50 Chinese restaurants in America and also featured on the Food Network. The restaurant smells like fresh wood and spices. The interior boasts dark wooden furniture and yellow walls lined with Asian oil paintings.

Sippin on Gin and Juice

The Winslow, 243 E 14th Street, New York, NY 10003

That Bourbon Ketchup from That Burger is Officially for Sale

That Burger has been called one of the best kept food secrets in New York, and we certainly wouldn’t disagree. It all started with the passion and determination of founder Dan Peterson, who spent years perfecting a custom burger blend using Pat LaFrieda short rib and brisket. Once he was satisfied with his creation, he opened That Burger Tent, a mobile food stand at the Williamsburg Flea. That Burger Tent took off, becoming a new mainstay of the weekend Flea food scene. Within a year, Peterson dropped the "Tent" and set up permanent shop inside two East Village bars, Billy Hurricanes (now Station B) and Idle Hands, where he expanded his menu to include delicious takes on comfort bar food like "tochos" (a tater-tot/nacho hybrid) and mind-blowing hot wings. Peterson doesn't mess around with his burgers, and he doesn't mess around with his wings: they were good enough to take second place in the 2012 King of the Wing competition, beating out 30 other NYC bars and restaurants.