Starpath: New Glow-In-The-Dark Street Paths

Recently, a glow-in-the-dark walking path has emerged in Cambridge, England as a test to see how it could possibly take the place of street lights at night.

The new technology,called Starpath, is made of a new type of resurfacing material that absorbs sunlight during the day and emits a soft blue glow at night. The glowing paths not only look like something from Alice in Wonderland, but they're also a great technology to help the enviornment. By illuminating paths in certain areas they can get rid of expensive street lighting.The path is also durable, waterproof,anti-slip and can adjust to the natural lighting outside. If it is pitch black dark then the path will glow stronger than at dusk.

LeCab Takes Over The French Black Cab Service

LeCab is looking to weed out competition with the advent of their car transportation service. The French based technology startup has already raised $6.8 million to start serving customers of over 1000 corporate accounts with a black car service reminiscent of Uber- but betting on premium services.

LeCab’s website promises technology of the “ highest quality and with proven effectiveness.”

Becoming The Jetsons

We all remember wanting to jump through the television and into Orbit City where the Jetson's lived. Skypad apartments, a Robot Housekeeper (and her push-button space age conveniences), jetpacks, and let’s not forget the flying saucer. The Jetsons wasn’t just a t.v. show, it was an archetype for the most desirable future. It served as a profound statement on what Americans considered a technological destiny to look like. Now more than 5 decades later, the company Quirky makes us revisit.

A Shirt For Every Male Type

If you’re the guy who would rather stay home and watch Breaking Bad than search through clothing racks for the perfect fit, then shopping just got a whole lot easier! No need to rely on the good ol’ one-size-fits-all, Stantt clothing brand is here to accommodate your needs by creating sizes modeled after your individual body measurements. The Hoboken-based trademark company uses a body-scan data system to make tailor-made clothing easy, quick, and accessible for over 1,000 ranges of male body types.

Smart Clothes

Our first look at this new generation of ‘smart-clothing’ takes us to Scandinavia, where researchers at SINTEF have invented one of the world’s first ever self-repairing fabrics. The concept works through the use of microcapsules embedded within a polyurethane liquid: that liquid is then applied to the surface of any material and left to harden. In addition, the microcapsules contain a powerful adhesive that is released when the capsules are ruptured; hence, when you tear the fabric it basically glues back together for you. Here you can find an example of this material already in use by a company in the United Kingdom.

May is National Bicycle Month

Cities in the United States are not as bicycle-friendly as other cities around the world are. Take Amsterdam for example, bikes outnumber cars and are the main mode of transportation for many of the city’s inhabitants. It's safer (espeically after a few cafe trips), cheaper to use, and overall better for the environment. Many European cities have thriving bicycle-sharing programs that allow tourists and residents alike to sign out a bike for the day, or even just for 20 minutes to run an errand, at a relatively cheap rate. Like most things born in Europe, the United States is a little slower on picking up on innovative, environmentally-friendly programs. Starting May 27th though this is about to change with CitiBank’s introduction of their Citi Bike share program.

Gucci's New Line of Eco-Chic Leather Handbags

Italian design house, Gucci, has teamed up with the Green Carpet Challenge (an organization created by Colin Firth's wife, Livia) and Rainforest Alliance-certified cattle ranches in the Brazilian Amazon to help fight deforestation. The leather handbag industry greatly contributes to deforestation with three-fourths of deforestation being cause by cattle ranching and therefore, leather goods. Gucci, the first line of leather products to be involved in such a project, wants to preserve the rainforests of Brazil without compromising the quality of their products.

SFs First Water Taxi

Say ahoy to Tideline Water Taxi, the city by the bay's first water taxi service taking passengers to docks in SF, Marin and a couple of points in between. Sale from pier to pier and harbor to harbor versus riding along the curvy, narrow, rollercoaster streets of SF with cranky cab drivers.

Operating at small scale now, the convenient cab on the water has plans to bring a fleet of bigger, custom boats from Maine in just a few months. And, come America’s Cup time, they’ll offer mega-yacht transfers.

The company also offers ride share programs. Connect with your neighbors, share your fare, and cut down your carbon foot print. For guests participating in the Ride Share Club, they will be offering a discounted base fare and 12 dollars for each additional person in their party.

And, just like land cabs in SF, you can call and reserve a Tideline Water Taxi too: 415.339.0196.

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