The Art of Happy Hour

Let us be frank, Happy Hour has become synonymous with being the light at the end of the torturous work week’s tunnel. Any establishment offering half price drinks or “2 fers” from 4-8pm during the week is merely cheapening the sovereignty of this institution.

There exists an unspoken acknowledgement that lends Happy Hour the credence to be the quintessential harbinger of the weekend. As a conduit for transition, Happy Hour exists to motivate and revitalize the bedraggled proletariat. The proverbial “dangling carrot," Happy Hour is every bit as engrained within the American Ethos as fast food and materialism. Therefore, one may ponder: what makes it so successful?

NY Fashion Week F/W 2012 Recap

Coming off Fashion Week we are both exhilarated and exhausted. What a huge season, not only for the designers, but for us! We worked around the clock, resulting in our biggest, most extensive fashion week ever. We covered a combined total of nearly 100 runway shows and parties over the course of the week. We also attended the Fashion 2.0 Awards,'s Bloggers Brunch, Elle & Style360's Accessory Lounge, and CFDA's IMPACT exhibit. If you're wondering if we've slept, the answer is "No!" In addition to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, we also covered NOLCHA, also known as Independent Fashion Week. There we discovered standout, lesser known designers who have been flying under the radar; including Danilo Gabrielli, Vassilis Zoulias, and JetSet Collective.

Occupy Wall Street Needs a Better Strategy

What started as what protesters claimed to be a "peaceful" movement has turned into a full-on clash with authorities and residents of NYC alike. Two months ago, I posted my first coverage of Occupy Wall Street and the local disruption and was met with vehement denials that it wasn't about "disrupting" or "annoying." Turns out that's exactly what they've purposely done. Today's ambush of the subways prove that more than ever. My argument was if they wanted to piss off the "bad guys" on Wall Street they should be in midtown, where the banks really are, and they should definitely be marching to D.C. where the corrupt politicians are. The counter-argument was that it was about "symbolism" not actually affecting the guys responsible for the recession. That makes absolutely no sense to me. So instead of raising hell near the White House and in front of the actual banks, you're going to disrupt the daily lives of local businesses and residents who ARE "the 99%" and just trying to get by like everyone else? Because that's who is really affected everyday in all of this. I live in the Financial District and I'm moving by next month, largely because of the protest. The quality of life here has declined. What was once a clean, peaceful neighborhood has been taken over by mobs of angry, entitled protesters who have also attracted plenty of criminals and drifters who are riding the coattail of the "movement." Authorities arrested an Occupy Wall Street protester yesterday who was handing out flyers on how to build bombs and ranted on a YouTube video saying "We're going to burn New York City to the f--king ground!" Numerous times I've been accosted and unable to get home without showing my I.D. There's constant yelling and sirens. I've seen protesters harassing men in suits walking by. How is that okay? It feels like a warzone. In America.

'Champagne Showers' -LMFAO f/ Natalia Kills

What was once the famed East Side den, Branch, is now Lexicon. Fellow Joonbugsters may remember our older siblings speaking of it on Sunday mornings over coffee, macaroons and even raspier voices. Happily, we can do the same for the next generation. And when I came here (as a last resort, mind you) it was well worth it. Totally beat the lines at Hudson Terrace, and gave the night that extra, 'UMPH!'.

The party that Lexicon provides is similar to what Snooki would like from her one Jersey Shore fav, Karma. Basically- gonna fist pump till my arm falls off!

Inside BlackBook's 15th Anniversary Party

Last night, BlackBook Magazine celebrated their milestone 15th birthday. That's fifteen years of blazing trails and featuring killer covers with a-list talent. A huge feat for a publication that has made it through the .com crash, recession and are still going strong. The festivities were held at the new Dream Downtown's PH-D rooftop lounge. The evening was sponsored by Tequila Don Julio and Heineken and featured music by Neon Indian and Das Racist. Special guests (outside of the birthday boys and girls) included Alexander Skarsgard, Kristin Bauer (True Blood), James Ransone (The Wire) and Estelle. The giftbags were stuffed with all sorts of goodies from Armani, Elizabeth Arden and Swarovski. Pop Chips (as usual) were also included. (Is it me or are Pop Chips taking over the world?)

Michael Vick Partners on Anti-Dogfighting Law

In an effort to redeem himself after going to prison for unspeakable animal cruelty, Michael Vick has partnered with The Humane Society to back an anti-dogfighting law in Congress. Since being released from prison he has gone on a PR campaign to show he has learned from his mistakes --but one has to wonder, what is all this really about? Is Vick's concern about the animals or is it really about maintaining his career/endorsement dollars?

Joonbug Launches Charity Blog

Joonbug has come a long way from snapping photos at parties nearly a decade ago. From party photography to event planning to blogging, baby, we've grown! Now one of the biggest nightlife websites in the nation and one of the largest event companies in New York City, we're ready to move into a direction closer to the heart.

As of Friday, July 15th, Joonbug will use its massive nationwide reach to promote philanthropic causes. We'll be blogging about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, worthy causes, and the individuals involved in making a difference. We'll also be doing daily "Green Tips" on how to be more environmentally friendly. As much as we love parties, we love making a difference equally. So, join us on another journey as we make our way into a new and important chapter. Let us introduce our new philanthropy blog: Charity Social.

The Way to Rage: Party Bus to the Hamptons

Our bus pulls into Midtown, it's about 6am and the sun has just risen. Peering back all you can see is various twisted limbs, bottles and red cups scattered about. Few people are still awake. As the bus rolls to a stop empty bottles of Leblon roll down the aisle, their final resting place being the front row floor; which is now so covered in litter, ice chests, boxes (and one random shoe), that it's unrecognizable. This is the aftermath of what I like to refer to as a "major rager." Holy. Moly. This is what Lady Gaga was talking about in her song, "Just Dance." And that's exactly what we did til 3:30am (or at least until the blisters began to hurt).

Gary Spencer Does 5 Questions with Sam Young

Hi Joonbuggers –

Yes yes, its been a while, I know, but what can you do? I've been running around all over NYC like a headless chicken, I just haven't had time to write to you guys about my escapades. Next week I will tell you all about the Royal Wedding antics that went down in NYC, but first I better catch you all up a bit.

When I first arrived here in New York (some 12 - 13 yrs ago), the Paramount Bar at the very swish boutique hotel The Paramount was THE place to be. Over time, like most fashionable bars and restaurants, the once Ian Schrager-owned hotspot gradually fell from grace. Until now, that is. Yes, The Paramount Bar is making a welcome comeback in Midtown.