#ThrowbackThursdays: Diplo

Our generation thrives on sharing photos dug up from the past on Instagram with the hashtag: #ThrowbackThursdays. Well, music is also a nostalgic form of the arts, and we find ourselves being reminiscent of memorable hour-long (sometimes longer) sets from past festivals. Today's throwback set is from Diplo at Electric Zoo 2012, where his booty-poppin tracks can be the anthem to any pre-weekend celebration.

Ladies, channeling your inner vixen is inevitable when listening to this set, listener's discretion is advised!

Interview: John Digweed

A match made in heaven, John Digweed and Nick Muir have teamed up for a project unlike any other. Combining their musical talents, Versus has been born. A 3-part collaboration album featuring the ingenuity of Digweed and Muir, Versus displays the creativity and melodious knowledge with which the two have been bestowed. Joonbug recently had the chance to talk to Digweed about the project.

You just announced your 3-part collaboration album Versus. How did you and Nick come up with the idea of making this album?

J: Last year we had done some remixes of people. There were some remix swaps, and a couple tracks going back and forth. We then thought we could just do a collaboration EP because there are some other tracks Nick and I had worked on. We sent them out to some other artists and soon felt that this could be bigger than an EP. We thought maybe a mini LP type project. It kind of just grew from there. When we had about eleven tracks or so, we thought that’s enough for now. I mixed it together to make it a bigger package. We’ve also worked on some downtempo stuff. So, we worked on a few more to make it a full album’s worth and that was it. It wasn’t something that had this master plan a year ago. It was probably only around February or March this year that we thought we could actually make this into a collaboration album which it’s kind of turned out into. We’re really happy with the end result. All the artists that have been involved have been amazing. I think it’s a slightly interesting project. Instead of us just doing an artist album, we have some of our favorite producers involved. It’s organic, that’s the way I look at it. It just happened.

Interview: Bingo Players

Even as Maarten travels the world solo, Bingo Players continue to spread their name across the world. They have proved to us their resilience, and that nothing will stop them from doing what they love, and doing it well. We spoke to Maarten just before his set at Electric Zoo to see how he's holding up so far, in addition to asking about their production process and their biggest inspiration. A few days ago they uploaded their set from Ezoo and dedicated it to their fans and "to those who passed too early." Check it out below.

I think that what a lot of your fans love most about you is that we never know what to expect. People unfamiliar with your music would have no idea that “Cry (Just A Little)” and “Out Of My Mind” were produced by the same artist. What do you have to say about your diverse style?

Interview: Martin Solveig

We had a few minutes to sit down with the French DJ/producer Martin Solveig after his performance at Electric Zoo in New York. Solveig’s creativity and adventuresome spirit could be seen throughout his set on Main Stage East as he brought the crowd to life. Interacting with the crowd from the beginning where he invited everyone to be part of the filming of the 'Blow' music video, Solveig kept it up throughout his set. The enthusiasm was evident as we talked to Solveig about his performance, his new single with Laidback Luke, and the exciting summer he’s had.

A Big Gigantic Interview

While at Electric Zoo, we had the chance to catch up with Big Gigantic. Jeremy and Dominic have had their hands full with new music, doing good for the community through their current tour, and having a blast performing at all of the summer’s hottest music festivals. Probably some of the coolest guys we’ve talked to, there is no surprise as to why they have A Big Gigantic Family, #ABGF, supporting them full heartedly.

How’s your summer been?

J: We’ve been on the road, playing a lot of festivals. We’ve traveled around as usual. We’ve had some time at home too. Dom’s been working on a new album.

Interview: Dannic

Easily one of Revealed Recordings’ hottest artists, Dannic is the artist to watch as he continues to navigate the EDM circuit. Between his current tour, his new radio show, and his most recent release, ‘Rocker’, the Dutch DJ isn’t showing any sign of slowing down. With performances at the biggest festivals of the summer, including EDC Las Vegas and a debut at Tommorrowland, Dannic also had the chance to take the main stage at Electric Zoo on Randall’s Island in New York this past weekend. After delivering a festival-worthy set, full of energy, big drops, and banging tracks, Dannic took a few minutes to chat with us about his experience, how he got here, and what we can expect from him for the remainder of the year.

Event Review: Day 2 of Electric Zoo

As many people look back at Electric Zoo this weekend, the emotions widely vary. Between the heartbreaking reasons behind the disappointing and contentious cancellation of Day 3, and the ongoing debate as to whether or not the right decision was made, it can be easy to look past all the good that happened this weekend. With that being said, we should not ignore what has occurred, but learn from it. Instead of thinking about what we missed out on, let’s remember what we experienced. Day 2 of Electric Zoo brought together thousands of electronic dance music listeners from all over the world to Randall’s Island for a day packed with performances from our favorite artists. Let us reflect on these positive moments that have created beautiful memories that we should not allow to be overshadowed by the negative.

Interview: DATSIK

With a UK tour with Flux Pavilion coming up this winter, DATSIK is gearing up for what could be one of the most thrilling times of his life yet. But for now, he is about to begin his Most Wanted Tour, sponsored by Rockstar Energy. He's got a busy lifestyle, managing Firepower Records while also focusing on his own music, including a brand new EP dropping on September 24th! We asked Troy questions from his favorite videogames to Burning Man to the meaning of music, and he had a lot to say about these topics. He was very down-to-earth and was open to keeping the conversation going despite having just completed his set, and we are appreciatve of the great feedback he was able to give.

Interview: Krewella

Although we didn't get to see them perform live last week, Krewella still kept to their demanding schedule and wouldn't let anything stop them from carrying out their duties. Which, of course, includes interviews. Not only are the ladies (Kris was not around at the time) beautiful in person, but they are also a unique set of sisters that are an inspiration to all. They were genuine, and took the time to answer our questions very thoroughly to help give fans an even better idea as to who they are, and what they believe in. It might be difficult to imagine them working at Jamba Juice, book stores, and at restaurants at one point in their lives, but Jahan, Yasmine, and Kris have worked extremely hard to get to where they are today. One of their values is sobriety, and the ability to appreciate music's beauty without being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Pay attention to the first question especially to see how the artists view this problem that has come under such close media speculation.

Event Review: W&W and Fedde le Grand

At 10 am Sunday morning we couldn’t tell whether our phones were ringing or our alarms was going off, until we groggily looked over at the screen and realized that someone was actually calling. The first words we heard were, “So guess what,” but in a rather monotone voice. Unprepared for the actual news, we were hopeful that something exciting might have happened. But, no, that really was not the case. “Ezoo is cancelled,” she said. Having been awoken by this information all in one blow, we thought it was a joke, or maybe a dream. Again, no. We couldn't exactly wrap our head around it, nor could anyone else.