Miley Cyrus Official Bangerz Album Release Party

After a crazy year in the media spotlight, Miley Cyrus's much anticipated album Bangerz has finally dropped. The EMM Group is ready to celebrate with an all night release party at Finale in praise of all of Miley's work. Chill out in their sexy velvet seating and enjoy EDM, Hip Hop and Pop tracks spun by DJ Reach and DJ Shortkutz. Dress to impress for this RSVP event, with doors opening at 10pm and the night ending at 4 in the morning. Don't forget to do a little twerking in Miley's honor.

HQ Nightclub Announces 'Revel Nightlife Relief'

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, millions in the tri-state area were tremendously devastated, especially those in New Jersey where the storm hit hard. In an effort to raise funds for those affected in the local community, HQ Nightclub along with Angel Management Group, EMM Group and Revel have come together to initiate Revel Nightlife Relief.

Street Artist Alec Monopoly Takes On the Bowery

Street art lovers in New York may have noticed a familiar childhood icon working the turntablelately at the Bowery. The Monopoly man, practically artist Alec Monopoly’s signature, now graces the giant mural that is the EMM Group’s future home. The jolly tophatted man is also known as Rich “Uncle” Pennybags, and while most of us might remember him as Monopoly’s mascot, he became a symbol of the times in Alec Monopoly’s creative hands. When the economy officially tanked and executives living in excess were still lining their pockets, Alec Monopoly took to the streets of L.A. and expressed more than what we could with words through the childhood mascot.

EMM Group to Turn 199 Bowery into New Hotspot

EMM Group, consisting of Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum, the duo crowned by Forbes as “The New Kings of New York Nightlife” are at it again.

The rumors that spread like wildfire about the possible new usage of 199 Bowery have been confirmed. EMM Group has taken the project on as a new nightclub and it sounds promising.

EMM recruited Travis Bass, design and marketing mogul, to aid in its development. Bass has worked on private events for P-Diddy, Leonardo DiCaprio, Valentino, and numerous others. His skills, combined with EMM’s successes at nightclubs including SL, Tenjune, and Catch Rooftop, have us super excited for what’s in store.

EMM Owners Co-Producing Nightlife Reality Show

EMM Group
owners Mark Burnbaum and Eugene Remm are now tackling reality television. The New York nightlife moguls don’t seem to mind putting more on their plate in addition to their various and successful enterprises such as Abe & Arthur’s, Catch NYC, Lexington Brass, SL, Tenjune and The Chandelier Room.

Birnbaum and Remm will be co-producing a series called “Kings of New York” with MTV Europe host, Tim Kash. The series will follow young New Yorkers as they pursue careers in modeling, fashion, promotion and other professions.

EMM Group to Open 'Catch' in Miami

Psst.. we hear that EMM Group will be opening 'Catch' in Miami. After the success of the New York version, Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum will bring the seafood-club hybrid to the east coast's hottest getaway spot, South Beach. Miami has become an increasingly popular spot for New Yorker's to escape to over the past few years, making it the latest city nightlife impresarios wish to expand upon.

Late last year rumors swirled that EMM Group would be opening Abe & Arthur's at the James Royal Palm Hotel in 2012, however they reconsidered and decided to open Catch, citing "a lack of seafood-specific restaurant options in Miami, and a desire expressed by its residents for more social, shareable, city-style dining" as the reason.

EMM Group Gets the Go-Ahead for 199 Bowery

EMM Group, consisting of nightlife "Kings" Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum (SL, Catch, Abe & Arthur's), have been given the green light for their proposed plans at 199 Bowery (formerly Crash Mansion) in the Lower East Side.

Despite worries from local residents that the venue would bring noise and crowds, the planned 18,000 square restaurant/nightclub spot was approved by the Community Board 3′s SLA committee and will make way for the duos first Lower East Side venture. The Asian/Fusion spot will feature a bakery that opens at 6am, headed by pastry chef Thiago Silva, with custom cakes and pastries to appeal to the morning crowd; further expanding on their previously night-time only clientele. Once the sun sets, the entrance leads to a larger restaurant featuring small, tapas-style plates, led by Top Chef winner Hung Huynh. Dine on the main floor or head downstairs for additional seating in a speakeasy-style atmosphere with live music.