Childs Play

Halloween is a child's dream holiday - playing dress-up, eating candy, and telling ghost stories - it can't get better than that. But adults want in on the fun, too! Now is your chance to relive Halloween as you never have before, adult style. We've got some fun tricks and treats up our sleeves. Check them out!

Killers: A Nightmare Haunted House: This controversial haunted house is a must-see this Halloween. Steering away from traditional haunted houses, this one plays homage to both real and fictional serial killers. You won't get scary monsters popping out at you at every turn, but you'll get something much more frightening -- a look into the world of real-life killers. Patrons weave their way through trials, executions, feasts, and bloody hallways, interacting with the actors the whole way through. Brave souls can have a bloody X painted on their forehead to indicate they want to be touched by the actors. We recommend doing so to take advantage of the whole experience. The sets and special effects are remarkable, completely immersing you into the lives of Ted Bundy, Jack the Ripper, and even Dexter. As you wait to enter, check out the exhibit of paraphernalia from noted serial killers, including yearbook photos, drawings, and execution letters. This is one haunted house that will leave you shaking in your boots.

NYC: Your Party-Per-Night

When: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Where: Empire Hotel Rooftop, 44 West 63rd St.

When: 8-11pm

Where: mad46 Rooftop Lounge, 45 E. 46th street

When: 11pm-4am

Where: WIP, 34 Vandam St.

When: 10pm – 4am

Where: XVI Lounge, 251 West 48th St. New York.

When: 10pm-4am

Where: Gansevoort Park Avenue. 420 Park Ave South, New York

When: 11pm-4am

Where: Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette St.

When: Noon-6pm

Where: Highland Park, 206 E 34th St.

NYC: Your Weekly Party Fix

When: 6:30 – 9:30pm

Where: The Empire Hotel Rooftop, 22 West 63rd St.

When: 7-11:30pm

Where: The Vault at Pfaff’s, 643 Broadway, Manhattan.

When: 9pm-4am

Where: Sky Room Times Square, 330 West 40th St.

When: 10pm – 4am

Where: XVI Lounge, 251 West 48th St. New York.

NYC: Celebrate Freedom at This Week's Parties

When: 5pm - 10pm

Where: Turtle Bay, 987 2nd Ave

When: 10pm - close

Where: Avenue, 116 10th Avenue

When: 12pm - 4am

Where: STK Rooftop, 26 Little W 12th Street

When: 3pm - 9pm

Where: Dekalb Market, 138 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn.

When: 6pm - Midnight

Where: Hudson Terrace, 621 west 46th St.

When: 12pm - Midnight

Where: Pier 92, 711 12th Ave

When: Noon - 5pm

Where: Manhattan and Brooklyn

When: 10pm - close

Where: The Room Mate Grace Hotel Lounge

When: 9pm - close

Where: Empire Hotel Rooftop, 44 W. 63rd St.

When: 7pm - 9pm

Where: Museum of Modern Art

New York Fashion Week Party Tracker

It can be easy to think that NYFW is all about exclusivity—we’re pretty sure we had to submit our press credentials to get access to the bathroom last year—but while most of the shows remain industry-only in order to maintain some semblance of order, more and more events outside of the Lincoln Center are being opened up to the public. Whether you’re looking to supplement your stack of invites with a few final events or just a casual fashionista looking to jump into the sartorial fray, you’ll be welcomed with open arms at the events below (some ticket purchase or RSVP required)!

Gary Spencer: Putting A Spin on Halloween

Hi Gang,

You probably haven't noticed that I've been away for a couple of weeks, but I'm back and here to remind you that YES it has been THAT long!

Lots to catch up on, and I will be catching up, but I can't do that without telling you all about this past Halloween weekend.

Before I do that and before I forget, this week you are going to get two articles from me, today and one on Friday, which will be a very special feature of British singer/songwriter David McAlmont who hits New York this weekend to play some amazing live shows.

Gary Spencer: The (Video) Diary Gets Durty With Christian Alexander!

Hey Joonbuggers!

Lots to tell you about my past week out and about in the City, not least my candid chat with old friend Christian Alexander when he and I met up at the beautiful, relatively new, Trump SoHo down on Spring Street, but much more of that later.

A little bit chilly it may be, but that didn't stop myself and many others showing up at the new Hotel Gansevoort on Park Avenue to check out that small budget film about that fledgling website Facebook. Yep, I’m sure that site will do well eventually once a few more people find out about it, but until it catches on they have released a film all about how it came together, now unless you have been living on a remote island somewhere, of course you already know all about this, and the premier party held last Wednesday by the Cinema Society was well attended with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Helena Christensen.

Gary Spencer: The Man Who Would Be King

Hello again Joonbuggers!

Ok before we go any further, I have a confession to make, fashion week knocked me out. This past week the only thing I've been dancing with is the flu bug. In fact, the only reason I left the house at all was solely so I could bring you this weeks news!

Oh and something else, I may as well get all these out the way - I promised to interview someone special in New York this week. Well I did, but I didn't interview the person I had set out to, so I have got someone else who's a bit special instead - not that you would know the difference, since you didn't know who my original guest was ;-). But anyway, I'll keep that one for a column in the near future, when he gets out of bed, or has finished at the nail salon or whatever else he does when he's ignoring my calls!

Gary Spencer: Traversing Fashion Week

Hi Joonbuggers!

A quick welcome to my new weekly column (and that was it if you missed it) and now lets get down to business.

And business it was last week especially for all the stores that participated in Fashion's Night Out, but more of that in a minute, first I want to talk about the sharp end of fashion week, the shows. I kicked off this season by taking a strut down to West Broadway to check out the new collection from Prince Peter, that cheeky little character talent who seems always to hang with the hippest and best looking people on the planet. As usual his show was full of great looking things draped in his designs and the liquor was free-flowing and plentiful which was a result for me because I then got a chance to eat it off by going in to see my old mate Kevin, the Maitre D at Balthazar which was, needless to say, filled to the brim as usual .

Top Three Clubs To Get A Goodnight Kiss

You're at the end of the night. You've spent too much money at the bar and you're single in New York. If you want your Sex and The City dreams to come true, stick around these three clubs as the bar closes to meet your prince(ss) for a goodnight kiss.

289 10th Ave
New York, NY 10001

Marquee is one West Chelsea club that couples high-class clientele with long term success. For five years, the impeccably dressed doorman, Wass, has maintained the ultra-lounge’s integrity, thus making it a fixture in the lives of Manhattan’s party elite. Rubbing elbows with models and celebrities is not an anomaly, but a guarantee. Bottle service is the norm and single men: be ready to cough up serious dough if you want to party like a rock star. The main dance floor on the bottom floor is so small that most club goers take to the couches to get their groove on. House and techno beats blare until 5 am. The intimate atmosphere of Marquee gets the blood flowing and is the perfect setting for a goodnight kiss.