Ladies Who Launch

Dream it! Launch it! Live it! As soon as I heard about Ladies Who Launch, I knew I had to join. Having the entrepreneurial bug since third grade when I distributed a faux construction paper-made Teen Bop magazine to my class, there was no doubt, I’d end up as a media maven. Thus, any lady that launches something of their own or conquers their craft get’s me ultra-excited and hopeful too.

Ladies Who Launch is a multi-city internet-based forum that was founded by Victoria Colligan. Considered the first media company to provide resources and connections for existing and budding women entrepreneurs, Ladies Who Launch offers their members inspiring entrepreneurial stories, suggested book lists to buy, seminars to participate in, networking events to attend, pre-qualified vendor matching and more.

For more information visit www.ladieswholaunch.com/signup

Empire in the Making

Meet Nicole Ponseca, Superstar Entrepreneur, Owner and General Manager of whirlwind restaurant success Maharlika Filipino Moderno. Ponseca did not begin her journey in the restaurant biz -- rather working as an ad executive at Saatch & Saatchi when she realized New York lacked even mediocre Filipino cuisine.

Thus began her upward climb to acheive a new goal. She began taking on multiple jobs in bars and restaurants to learn about the industry and started researching Filipino food. Eventually, Nicole opened up Maharlika as a pop-up serving only brunch, allowing her to experiment with the menu and work on establishing her brand. Next came pop-up dinner and finally, a full fledged restaurant establishment!

The Refine Method

By now, most of us have heard of barre pilates and booty ballet. But, what if we want our entire physiques to resemble that of a prima ballerinas? Get one step closer to long gams, toned shoulders and a serious six-pack (plus that firm booty we all long for) by introducing the Refine Method to your regular exercise routine.

Created by New York-based, Black Swan back-up dancer, Brynn Jinnett, the Refine Method goes beyond quasi-plies and basic barre moves to give you a real dose of the athleticism behind ballet.


A vacation in Japan inspired, budding entrepreneur, Alexa Andrzejewski with an idea: a field guide to global food. To learn about bootstrapping her book project, she joined Women 2.0 and started aggressively networking and talking about her plan to catalog restaurant dishes.

Tech start-up veteran programmer, Ted Grubb met her at a happy hour at Adaptive Path, where Andrzejewski was a consultant, and advised she steer her 20th-Century project into the smart phone era.

The idea soon morphed into a photo-sharing location-aware app that amplified a phenomenon they'd already observed happening: "people love to photograph their food, and share their great meals with friends." The app idea soon became known as Foodspotting.

Grubb refined his tech know-how from top to bottom along with the basics of iPhone programming himself and he created a prototype Foodspotting app. The duo soon added New York media darling Soraya Darabi—a former social media manager for The New York Times and current digital strategist for ABC News—to their founder roster, and scored $3 million in angel funding.

Screw 'Rich Kids of Instagram,' Here's Poor People & Ramen

We're sure many of you have seen the much criticized, most recent Tumblr blog to go viral, "Rich Kids of Instagram," which chronicles the young, privileged, and wealthy as they flaunt their lifestyles of jetsetting from St. Tropez to the Hamptons, sipping on Dom P with their Whoppers, and gyrating in front of McMansions --primarily on Daddy's dime. Look, everyone wants to do what they're doing, so there's no reason to get jealy about it. Don't hate, appreciate. Go out and get yours, ya see?

Double Fine Game Project Breaks Kickstarter Record

For as many great big name games as there are, it’s tough to find games that don’t fit a certain mold. Adventure games, which were big when we were kids, have all but disappeared off the map now that consoles are pumping out great platformers like the Mario games and every game inspired by it, first person shooters, and RPGs. Adventure games involve a lot of pointing and clicking since they made their debut on computers. They’re often simple in some aspects, but that gives adventure games freedom to explore bigger stories and to make stories an interactive experience. Adventure games often involve a lot of puzzle solving too, and while that’s definitely fun, the genre’s been pushed aside in recent years for games with a lot more action.

The Forbes '30 Under 30' List

The Forbes '30 Under 30' list is officially underway. In their January issue, Forbes will feature 30 bright, talented stars under the age of 30 in 12 categories; including finance, entertainment, music, media, science, real estate and more. The best part is you have a chance to vote for someone you think is worthy! To nominate a candidate, log in here with your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account and post a comment with the name of the individual and why they deserve to make the list.

Gigwalk: Making Money on Your iPhone

The economy is still facing some tough times. Those fresh out of college are doing anything to keep their heads above water, and with good reason. It’s hard to find a job right now, for everyone. Gigwalk is putting a new spin on the word “freelance” with their new App. which finds users menial tasks that companies need done on the fly for a few bucks of spending cash.

Social Media Week Fall 2011

Social Media Week is coming soon and the event has opened its doors to hopeful applicants.The largest twice annual social media and technology event around the world started accepting newcomers June 15 and will continue to accept applicants until July 15. Some of the biggest names in technology, social media (television, internet, and printed word), and creative and fun businesses on the web are already submitting their request to join the thousand featured over the 5-day event coming our way in September.