Ultimate Eyebrow Care

Joey Healy is a prominent eyebrow stylist, professional make-up artist, and licensed esthetician, who has become a favorite among celebrities such as Kyra Sedgwick, Aviva Drescher, Andy Cohen, and more. In 2009, he launched a mobile eyebrow styling division and in 2011, he launched The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection. He is a master of the brows and was happy to share some of his best tips on how to create the perfect fame for those windows to the soul.

What are some tips you can tell our readers on how to shape their eyebrows?

Wisdom from Julie Tussey

Angelo David Salon, a celeb-favorite near Grand Central Station, has a new secret beauty weapon in eyebrow guru Julie Tussey. On my fashion week trip to New York, I stopped by to see her before I hit the tents for the shows. The salon is tucked away on the second floor of an inconspicuous building, with private rooms to primp and pamper stars before TV or event appearances. Fresh white orchids lighten up the sophisticated space and stylists, including Tussey, are friendly as can be, without a hint of pretension.

“I can’t do somebody’s makeup without doing their brows,” Tussey says. “Brows are like the frame for your eyes.” Tussey prefer strategic plucking to waxing or threading, since it allows for incredible precision.“I have all sorts of Julieisms for brows. I love there feathering at the end, the worst is to overpluck.”

Behind the Brow: Your Guide to Great Eyebrows

Let’s clear the air about the dreaded eyebrow pencil. Of course it’s quite troublesome to block out that terrifying image of your elementary school nurse's painted on eyebrows, but we're here to inform you that pencils are in fact a vital tool for accomplishing those sexy brows. When using an eyebrow pencil, be sure to make soft, light strokes to create hair-like lines. (We don't want you looking like the afore mentioned, tragic school nurse!) When choosing a pencil, always go with a lighter color than the actual color of your brows. Remember, we're blending in our pencil marks to look like natural hairs! Dark pencils tend to look like they were drawn in with a Sharpie!

Take the Dive, Cut it Off!

Yes! You should cut it! For those of us that are contemplating chopping off our mane. Do it! It's a liberating feeling plus it adds instant edginess and sexiness. Here are some short hair styles that are not boring.

This cut is somewhat daring but can be worn in many ways. One would be surprised at how easy it is to transform this cut, from chic to rock, this style has a ton of versatility.

Our fave latest cut is the Asymmetrical. Bring this cut to your stylist and let them give it their own twist! It looks and feels great plus keeps you cool on these hot humid summer nights.