Tread Softly and Wear a Big Shoe

Like UFO pants and polyester suits, some shameful trends of yore should remain buried in the past. Others, like the iconic creeper shoe, have risen from the dead to meet the dawn of a new popularity. Made popular amongst the dapper Teddy Boys of late 1950s London, the creeper has for decades been the preferred footwear for alternative's most stylish. From the Teddies and their drainpipe slacks, creepers made their way onto the feet of 70s punks with their leather jackets and pyramid studs, and later peeped out from beneath the draped lace and velvet of 80s and 90s goths.

Chic Capes

It may be the accessory of choice for superheros, but this Fall/Winter the cape is the super chic and versatile item in your wardrobe. From classic, elegant draping, to comfortable, casual knits, a cape is a great alternative for outerwear that adds a little flair. This season, designers are even incorporating trends such as military-inspired tailoring, Fair Isle patterns and chunky cable-knits. And if you find yourself hesitant to go a traditional cape silhouette, companies such as Zara, Nasty Gal and ASOS offer some more moderate, modern options.

A Boston Girl's Best Friend

If you're a fashionable Bostonian looking for fun and unique items for your wardrobe, you can't pass up LIT.

LIT Boutique opened its doors on Newbury Street in 2005 and recently found another home in the North End. Not only can you find a one-of-a-kind special occasion piece with the special help of a personal stylist, but all the featured designers must meet the LIT criteria: wearability, style and quality at the appropriate price. Zack Lo, Ali Ro, Lia Kes and Gentle Fawn are some of the designers you can find at LIT. This specialty boutique plans to bring on half of a dozen designers every season, as well as presenting some local talent in jewelry design.

Old Glamour is New Again

Whether it's tweed suit separates from the 40s, a cardigan sweater from the 50s, or the short shimmery dresses of the iconic 60s, popular looks from the past have come back to haunt us. These are friendly ghosts however, as one could potentially wear any trend from some of history's most influential style eras and be in line with current trends for 2010. With so many trends to choose from, it will be nearly impossible for any fashionista worth her salt to look anything less than amazing. The great thing about each of these trends is that they are available in a variety of price ranges. From the designer couture to the bargain Forever 21 shopper and everything in between, anybody can afford these highly coveted styles.

Fall Jewelry Trend: The Mono-Earring

One of the most unique jewelry trends for this fall is the mono-earring. Yes, only one earring. Why? Well, because one piece of statement (and I mean statement) jewelry is enough. And because asymmetry is sexy. And if you must maintain some sort of balance in your look...pull your hair to the opposite side, or tuck it behind one ear. It's already been spotted on celebs like Angelina Jolie & Rihanna!

Fall Goes Retro

It may be closer to 2050 than 1950, but many Fall 2010 collections have us wondering, “Haven’t we seen that before?”

Feminine, demure, 50s-insprired items have made a comeback in tops, bottoms, shoes, handbags, and accessories. Contrary to the image that may come to mind, the iconic look is not all about poodle skirts and pink bomber jackets (although they may be pretty darn cute for Halloween).

Boots for Beantown

Strolling down Newbury Street this past Saturday, it was for certain that fall was here. A faint hint of cool air along with a steady stream of students was a sure sign that summer was officially over in Beantown.

Another, more fashionable symptom to the end of summer are boots. A barrage of them were on display: in the windows of Cole Hann, Camper, Steve Madden, John Fleuvog and Aldo among many others; boots of all shapes and sizes filled storefront displays.

Also apparent on passersby, was the trend to pair this season’s booties, calf and knee grazing boots with shorts, skirts and minimalist mid-thigh 70s inspired dresses. Looks were streamlined and finished with flashes of suede, leather and the occasional dash of metal.

Fall Head-over-heels for Over-the-knees

Who doesn't love a luxurious leather boot? As Fall 2010 quickly approaches, boots are becoming the perfect accessory for every style. We are seeing the hottest over-the-knee boots with skinnies, skirts, and even dresses. This super-tall boot style is showing in flat styles, low heels, and sky-high platforms alike, giving you plenty of options for day, night, and everything in between. They may cost a bit more than other shorter boot styles, but think of it this way: it's a great way to continue wearing those spring skirts and dresses well into fall, thus getting the most bang for your buck in the wardrobe recycling department. Besides, if you do your research, you can track down some seriously good deals for these luxurious boots. Here are four of the fabulously affordable styles on our shopping list:

Fall Shopping Guide Part II

Now that you're a pro on all the latest trend bandwagons to jump on this season, as outlined in Part I of Joonbug's Fall Shopping Guide, allow Part II to chaperone you through the pieces that continually reappear in the fashion circuit. As a result of their unparalleled versatility, these items have staying power and are therefore worth dishing out a little extra cash for in the long run.

A tweed jacket is the ultimate necessity for fall, whether your aesthetic is prim and proper or eccentric. This single item can bring your wardrobe together for many seasons to come. The construction of the tweed jacket is one of the reasons it's so functionally chic. Tweed clothing is usually a mix of heavy material lined with a lighter layer, so it stays wearable for a long season. Tweed works well in both edgy and feminine styles and shapes, and the basic tweed jacket can be transformed in either direction with the addition of jewelry.

Fall Shopping Guide Part I

The Glam Damn It editorial team has shopped around and picked the best trends of the fall. With so many interpretations from the hottest designers, it's easy to stay fabulous and be a smart shopper, too. When it comes to trends, you can either find something that sticks or completely misses the mark in the blink of an eye. Because we love fashion and a great buy, we have created the Fall Shopping Guide to help you choose which garments will become a seasonal go-to and which ones you may or may not find in the back of your closet next year. You can skimp on, but certainly don't forget to include the latest colors, embellishments, and textures in your fall wardrobe.