Cozy Up in Qi's Newest Knitwear Collection

We know you don’t want to hear it, but it’s August and summer is winding down. With fall on the horizon it’s time to start thinking about the trendy ways you’ll keep warm.

Qi New York, the contemporary knitwear company that brings us high-quality pieces at an affordable price, has come out with their most luxurious collection to date. The Gallop to the Ranch collection was inspired by the ranches of Colorado. The views and rustic décor of Rocky Mountain dude ranches encouraged an assortment of cashmere sweaters that you’ll never want to take off!

Stay Warm in Style: A Glimpse into Fall Outerwear

Just because the weather outside is hot and humid doesn't mean we aren't sitting here dreaming about sipping pumpkin spice lattes on a crisp fall day in the park. And part of that dream includes us sporting a great fall jacket to keep us looking cool while staying warm. From chunky knits, to chic wool jackets and furry parkas; the runways were full of trendy options to keep you from catching a chill as the weather turns. Here are our top five picks for fall outerwear from some of our favorite designers. Read on to get a jump start on your fall wardrobe shopping as we show you where you can shop similar pieces right now on the cheap!

Say Sayonara to These Trends Come Fall

Trends come and go…and come again, and then go again. Some stay for a long period of time, while others have their 15 minutes of fame. Regardless, trends in fashion are the most powerful pieces of knowledge one can hone in order to get their cred in the industry, which is why all fashion enthusiasts will agree, it’s crucial to know what will be coming into style next, and what is oh-so-out of season- god forbid we wear a style that has been officially dubbed as out of style by fashion experts and then get caught in the act! That is why we here at Glam Damn It have found a few popular trends that have taken over the style world for one, two, even four seasons, and are predicted to finally retire come fall 2012. Take a peek at these looks and be ‘in the know’ for the seasons to come!

Michael Jerome Francis Reveals Pre-Fall Collection

Though we are just breaking into summer Michale Jerome Francis is giving fashion enthusiasts a little tease to keep them in anticipation for the premiere of his Fall Collection. His new line of sustainable couture incorporates leaf prints and other raw materials used to create a series of dramatic separates and pleated bottoms. The MJF House produces its designs locally and uses or should we say re-uses materials such as upholstery and leather. Additional materials include "shoe laces" which are broken down and refurbished to create a special thread used in the MJF's trademark weaving concept. "I like to work from the material first and let it speak to me during the design process of all my creations," says Francis. We predict The MJF weaving concept will be consistent is many of his looks for the fall.

About MJF

False Hopes: J. Crew x Manolo Collab Gets the Axe

As it turns out, the upcoming collaboration between fetish-worthy footwear designer Manolo Blahnik and purveyor-of-preppy brand J. Crew was merely wishful thinking. Sad but true, the on-again, off-again pair are off again—but leaving us hopeful for the future.

It all started with J. Crew’s fabulous Fall 2012 collection, the presentation made memorable by the addition of sweet Manolo stilettos in J. Crew exclusive colors and fabrics. (Cue infinite blogger buzz.) In February, post New York Fashion Week, J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons announced the collaboration of dreams, only to be met with a shocking response from Blahnik himself. “I was recently contacted by J Crew to do something with them, so I sent them over 45 pairs of shoes, and they announced we were doing a collaboration. I had no idea about it," the designer told British Vogue. In a quick recovery, Lyons, and undoubtedly the entire public relations crew, reconciled the misunderstanding stating to The Daily, “We are in a good place with [Manolo Blahnik] now. Everything's okay.” It was decided—41 styles priced from $595 to $645, slated to debut this fall. (Cue additional blogger buzz.)

Inside Academy Mansion for Juicy Couture Fall '12

Juicy Couture shows us just how much L.A. loves London with this season’s Fall 2012 collection. “Sunset Strip in the seventies meets London mod squad,” as described by Chief Creative Office LeAnn Nealz, inspired tried and true prints, sophisticated ready to wear, and a colorful palette—all alongside their usual fun-loving sportswear.

From business to extra-curricular, Juicy Couture has it covered this season. Sharp, tailored blazers are paired with sensible, colorblocked pencil skirts and semi-serious (due to their vibrant array of colors) cashmere v-neck sweaters. Graphic tees and sweatshirts—leopard in a jeweled collar? Yes, please!—kept the ready to wear from being all work and no play. Skinny jeans and leggings are right on trend for fall in coated metallic, leather inset, and lace paneled variations.

Paris Fashion Week: McQueen, YSL, Lanvin

The Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2012 season marks the end of the era for the legendary fashion house. Stephano Pilati, the brand’s Creative Director of eight years presented his final collection for the label. Sophisticated sensuality radiated from the collection, but failed to suppress the dark and mournful undertone. Black set the heavy precedent for the collection, meeting deep garnet, plum, and evergreen hues. Tough, yet malleable leather appeared throughout the collection in broad shouldered tops, cropped pants, and collar and lapel details. Calla Lily accents added a breath of fresh femininity in various sized prints and brushed metal chokers—a profound choice for the season as the flower is not only the Roman symbol of lust, but also traditionally laid on graves of those who suffered an untimely death. The collection finished with stark white contrasts in a few separates and monochromatic looks. The silhouette was classic YSL; tailored with nipped waists emphasized with leather belts. Slinky, backless dress in chain mail of metal and rubber amped up the sex appeal along with extreme plunging necklines. We’re sad to see the prolific designer’s departure, but the collection’s dominating strength leaves a prevailing legacy in his place.

The Best of London Fashion Week

Stella's Fabulous Fashion Fete

Quickly dubbed as the “hard to beat event of the season,” Stella McCartney’s ‘fashion spectacular’ and first London presentation in sixteen years was a true highlight of the London Fashion Week Fall 2012 season. Opting out of her usual Paris Fashion Week appearance, McCartney brought her evening wear collection ‘home’ in a celebration of nationalism that coincides with her role designing for the Great Britain Olympic team in this summer’s also London-based games. The black tie, formal dinner affair hosted an eclectic group of guests including Rihanna, Kate Moss, Kanye West, Zaha Hadid, Peter Blake, Twiggy, and Bianca Jagger. Dressed in the collection, models joined guests at each table as Ronnie Scott’s orchestra played jazz standards followed by a performance by Dutch magician Hans Klok and special assistant Alexa Chung. Even after all of this action—the party was just getting started. The multi-talented models (some professional dancers in disguise) then took markedly more conspicuous positions atop each table for a flash mob-esque performance to a Led Zeppelin soundtrack. Marble-printed silk and feminine lace appeared in bold cobalt blue and rich orange alongside stark black and white. Silhouettes ranged from full-length gowns to bubbly cocktail frocks and featured McCartney’s signature tailored suiting and color-blocked hourglass silhouettes. "I wanted to do something special to celebrate being back in London," said McCartney. "I love magic, and that was pretty magic."

Inside J Brand's Ready to Wear Launch Party

Although Fashion Week is officially over, we’re expecting to see brand new Fall 2012 collections from many other style savvy brands for weeks to come. Last night was a perfect example. J Brand Jeans celebrated the launch of their premiere ready-to-wear collection for Fall 2012, hosted by Bergdorf Goodman’s celebrated 5F contemporary floor. If you’re looking for good style or a place to showcase your good style after fashion week—it’s at events like these. Not only did Bergdorf enlist popular fashion bloggers Kimberly Pesch from eat.sleep.wear and Natalie Suarez from Natalie Off Duty to attend wearing pieces from the new J. Brand collection, they brought all of their fashionable friends with them.

Fresh Off the Runway: Beauty Trends FW '12

While ready-to-wear often steals the spotlight, we’d be making a big mistake not to give some special attention to the fresh beauty trends that graced the runway last week. With as much presence as the covetable clothing, New York Fashion Week’s Fall 2012 season brought us an assortment of hair and makeup looks that inspire our beauty routines as much as the collections inspired our wardrobes. From voluminous, airy updos to nail art we’ll be taking to the salon, here are the best and brightest beauty highlights from backstage to the catwalk. (Hint: keep those tweezers at bay—bushy eyebrows aren’t going anywhere!)