Forecast 2012: EDM´s Biggest Names on the Rise
The past year has seen a tremendous amount of talent burst into the world of electronic music. From the amateurs to the veterans, producers and DJs alike continue to raise the bar with groundbreaking genre crossing, technical innovation, and production speed that’s borderline ridiculous.

With considerable new material on the scene, there are many names that stand out in terms of who to be on the lookout for in 2012 - and we’re not just talking about your latest friend who downloaded Serato. While choosing a few from the masses is quite a task, a mix of both newcomer and professional talent should be recognized. Some of these artists have already obtained massive popularity for their work while others are still emerging from the shadows (or basements for that matter). Regardless, it is safe to say that the future seems bright for all, so make sure to give these artists a listen.