Filipino Cuisine Served Straight Up with a Moderno Twist
Some of the most frequently used ingredients in Filipino dishes would be patis (a fish sauce), calamansi, which is a citrus, kind of a cross between a mandarin and lime, rice, and garlic. The national Filipino dish is adobo and adobo is anything that can be cooked with these five ingredients - peppercorns, bay leaf, garlic, salt, and vinegar. So we do an adobo chicken, we switch it up during the week sometimes we do a squid adobo! And most of those five ingredients are used in everyday cooking.
Prison Dancer: The Show Based on Viral YouTube Sensation

The New York Musical Theatre Festival and Prison Dancer Live, LLC. are bringing the show Prison Dancer to a theater near you! The show, written by Romeo Candido and Carmen De Jesus and directed by Jenn Rapp, will be showing at St. Clement's from July 20th until July 28th. The show follows the lives of eight Filipino maximum-security prisoners, whose lives are changed when a video of their dance-based rehab program goes viral on YouTube. The dark prison suddenly finds itself in the spotlight and these hardcore criminals are given a second chance. Furthermore, the show is inspired by a true story! Tickets are $20 and available for purchase here. Check out the performance schedule below:

uniNOM Serves Up Brooklyn

433 Dekalb Ave
(Between Classon Ave & Taaffe Pl)
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 789-8806

Once an energy engineer and DJ, now Chef King Phojanakong has brought comfort Asian food to Brooklyn. Of Filipino and Thai decent, Chef King uses his experience and culture to create the cuisine at his new restaurant umiNOM. Chef King opened umiNOM on what is actually the border of two up-and-coming Brooklyn neighborhoods, Clinton Hill and Bedford Stuyvesant. If you are up for the trip, the food at uniNOM is definitely worth every minute it takes to get there.