The Restaurants You Love And How They Came To Be

"There are 18,000 restaurants in New York City.

Every year more than 1,000 new restaurants open.”

You’ve heard of Café Moto, right? Maybe you haven’t, but you’ve definitely heard of Le Cirque, Daniel, and Union Square Café. Well, could you imagine opening up a restaurant in New York City and having to go up against these culinary legends?

Hollywood's Touch Of Evil

Last month, New York Times Magazine gathered the year's best film performers to create a short series of beautifully chilling videos directed by Alex Prager called A Touch Of Evil. Killers, crooks and crazies are just a few of the villianous archetypes that were selected and portrayed by our favorite actors. (Watch the whole series here.)

There's Brad Pitt as the madman, where he says he was channeling ‘‘Peter Lorre — with a dose of Kramer.’’ He was praised last year for Moneyball and The Tree of Life. Mia Wasikowska becomes and axe-weilding home wrecker reminiscent of The Shining. Her best performances include Albert Nobbs, Jane Eyre and Restless. Rooney Mara, leading "lady" in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, dresses as the sociopathic Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Gary Oldman imitates a creepy ventriloquist dummy in his spooky spot. Quite a different role from his performance in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Stylizer: Movie Night for Fashion Lovers

Whether you were into kinderwhore or hypercolors, the 90’s were an exciting time in personal fashion. Not everything always made sense (ultra low rise jeans, anyone?) but it was certainly always interesting.

Naturally, the films produced during that time reflect this smorgasbord-aesthetic. Every girl remembers the first time they saw “Titanic” or “Clueless”. We remember sobbing with our friends at the end of “Cruel Intentions,” cheering on the protagonists of “Pretty Women” and “A League of Their Own,” and having our jaws drop during the adrenaline needle scene of “Pulp Fiction.” While these films are not exactly all Oscar-winners, they have stood the test of time in a different way. The reason it was so easy for us to jump right into the worlds of the characters was due to the flawless work of their costume designers.

The Beauty of a Second

A lot can be conveyed in a short amount of time. Entire stories can be told in under ten minutes. From the cartoons of our childhood to the Youtube videos and Twitter of today, we’ve become used to explored entire worlds in fractions of our leisure time. Mont Blanc, however, held a competition that rapidly reduced that time. Giving new meaning to the short film, contestants in this competition submitted videos only one second long. These videos, however, still tell entire stories.

An Upcoming Film that Helps the Homeless Needs YOUR Help!

Writer and Director Michael Stein has come up with a brilliant idea. He has created a movie called The Guitar Player, which is about a homeless street performer who has been living on the streets for 20 years. The film highlights the struggles and stark realities of homelessness, a widespread problem throughout the United States.

The catch is this: the movie is to be funded by the public. Stein has created an elaborate fund raising campaign to finance the film, and intends of giving half the profits to various homeless charities.

Please watch the video below to learn more about the fundraiser, and how you can get involved to have this film released and able to help the homeless in our nation. The film's production is contingent upon the funds being raised, so only with your help can we help those that need it most!

The Devil's Double

The Devil's Double is based on the autobiography of Latif Yahia, who was forced to become the body double of Saddam Hussein's eldest son, Uday Hussein in the '80s. Besides some graphic torture scenes and gratuitous blood-gushing and gut-spilling, I really enjoyed it. It's violent and gritty and sexy and has been acclaimed as "The Scarface of Arabia."

Dominic Cooper gives a fantastic dual performance. Very Jekyll and Hyde. On one side is the psychotic, spoiled, sadistic son of Saddam Hussein and on the other an innocent, good guy forced to do the devil's bidding. (I wonder if he gets paid double for playing two roles.)

'Paranormal Activity 3' Teaser Trailer is Out...

Apparently, third time's the charm in the Paranormal Activity movies. Think back, children of the mid '80s to early '90s. Remember this?

...At least that's what would usually happen every single time I'd attempt to play "Bloody Mary" in the bathroom. Surely, most of you are at least familiar with the myth/game. You say the name three times in the dark and you could potentially be haunted/stabbed/murdered by the crazy lady in the mirror. Those are what consisted many of our childhood days. Good times, good times...the world was a bit more awesome: there was less reality television and more of this thing called playing outside.

Northside Festival Takes Over Brooklyn This Weekend

You've heard it before and you'll no doubt here it again: New York City is the epicenter for culture, art, film and particularly, music. However, in the last few years, the New York these people are raving about is no longer Greenwich Village or the Lower East Side; It's Brooklyn. And not just any ol' area of Brooklyn.

Williamsburg and Greenpoint have created a chasm of collectives, movements and underground venues within the confines of this great city that reach far beyond the boundaries of these five boroughs. Places like Glasslands Gallery, IndieScreen Theater, The House of Yes and 3rd Ward (both on the cusp of E. Williamsburg/Bushwick), Shea Stadium (no, not the baseball field), and so much have spawned a new generation, a new outlet and platform in which to speak to and hear from open-minded, progressive thinkers, musicians, poets, writers, directors, and artists of all likenesses.

'The Hangover 2' Goes Back to Its Roots

The highly anticipated sequel to the surprise sleeper hit finally arrived in theaters in 05/26/11, the eve of Memorial Day weekend. The first Hangover, first released in summer 2009, garnered the attention of both critics and audiences alike through word-of-mouth buzz, as well as its comedic trailers. This second installment of the franchise is already making history with its first weekend, making it the best R-rated comedy opening ever for the domestic box office. Fans of the original anxiously lined up in the blazing summer heat to rekindle their relationship with The Hangover.

Did the second helping deliver?

Kings of Leon Premier Documentary Film Trailer

Released this morning, the trailer for Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon previews the familial and religious origins of the band's four Nashville-native members - brothers Caleb, Nathan, and Jared Followill and cousin Matthew Followill - as depicted by the film's director Stephen C. Mitchell.

The documentary follows the Followills' progressive rise to rock 'n' roll fame and their recent, somewhat volatile social position in the media. Including tour footage, southern imagery, interviews with the brothers' parents and the band members themselves, and childhood home videos, Talihina Sky (referring to the town Talihina in Oaklahoma) focuses on the Followills' youth as Christian boys in Tennessee. The film examines how their early years influenced, and continue to influence, their current status as a mainstream rock band.