Five Film Sequels to See in 2014

It always seems that every week a new sequel is getting released in to theaters. Even though not all of them always live up to the original, here are five that are worth checking out in 2014.

Andrew Garfield is returning as Peter Parker/Spider-Man as is Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy to this sequel to the 2012 reboot of the original Spider-Man franchise. This movie will see Spider-Man once again taking down the bad guys and spending time with his love Gwen. New characters are introduced in this film including Electro played by Jamie Foxx and Rhino played by Paul Giamatti.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill will once again go undercover for the sequel to the 2012 film. This time the duo will go undercover at college but when the two begin to head in different directions they begin to reevaluate their partnership. Ice Cube will also reprise his role in the film as well.

Tribeca Film Festival

Film lovers across from the around the world will gathering in lower Manhattan April 17-28th for the 11th Annual Tribeca Film Festival. The festival helps filmmakers to reach the broadest audience possible and enables the international film community and general public to experience the power of cinema. The festival which supports both emerging and established directors also helps to promote New York City as a major film making center. This year’s Tribeca Film Festival will hold free events and movie screenings throughout the community.

Jon Stewart Takes the Summer Off!

Where in the world are we going to get our "fake" news from for the entire summer? Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s political satire talk show, The Daily Show, announced this week that he will be taking a 12 week hiatus from his popular television show. Thankfully, we'll still know what's going on in the world thanks to John Oliver. The British funnyman and regular contributor on the show will fill Stewart’s news-desk for an allotted 8 weeks of Stewart’s hiatus. For the remaining four weeks there is a possibility that the show will have additional guest anchors or air episode repeats.

Occupy Indie Miami

Maybe a more appropriate area to be associated with wealth hoarding is Hollywood, rather than New York's financial district. Last year, just six major movie studios (Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney/Touchstone Pictures, Columbia Pictures and Universal Pictures) dominated 85% of the US & Canadian Market. It’s time to occupy some alternative spaces and show a little love to our independent filmmakers, festivals and theaters.

The 10th Annual Miami Short Film Festival takes place this week, November 13th - 19th. This is South Florida’s only short film festival with a mission to present quality films from around the world…under 30 minutes. Great idea, considering America’s declining attention span. The festival hosts a variety of seminars and short films, with shows generally starting at 7:30 PM at the Colony Theater on Lincoln Road. Here are some films to look forward to [full schedule here]:

11/14: The Glorious Crew featuring God of Love directed by Luke Matheny and last year’s winner at the Academy Awards plus the animated Chicory 'N' Coffee directed by Dušan Kastelic; winner of over twenty awards at international film festivals.

11/15: Breaking Glass featuring The Dude directed by Jeff Feuerzeig; a documentary about Jeff Doud, the real life prototype of the Dude, immortalized by the Cohen Brothers in the Big Lebowski followed by Our Secret Lives.

Scribble Junkies: Festival of Drawn Animation

Sure, we all love Finding Nemo and Despicable Me, but what happened to good old-fashioned cartoons like Beauty and the Beast? Nitehawk Cinema thinks that it's time to put a hold on Pixar's digital animation films. Going old-school, they are bringing you the best in hand drawn animation. August 14th will be the premiere of their Scribble Junkies event and you better not miss it.

The Hangover Sequel Makes Its First Mistake

The sequel to any movie is usually not as good as its original. If Mel Gibson plays a part in The Hangover 2, they’re not even giving this movie a shot at being a hit!

Its debut is on May 26, which will give its audience exactly seven months, one week and one day to prepare for the worst.

Iron Man 2 to Feature Cameo of the Late DJ A.M.

Having played numerous celebrity parties and events for the likes of Jay Z, Madonna and Will Smith, the late Adam Goldstein's (aka DJ A.M.) influence on the entertainment world was one to be envied. From the pages of magazines to nightlife websites, Goldstein's face had been garnering heavy recognition for the past decade as he rose to fame as a well-respected DJ. But it's in Iron Man 2, this year's expected biggest blockbuster, that fans will be able to get a last glimpse of their beloved DJ.

Iron Man 2, shot two months before Goldstein's accidental overdose, features the DJ tending to the turntables during a scene at party at Tony Stark's (played by the handsome Robert Downey Jr.) house. According to the Los Angeles Times, Goldstein was only supposed to be on set for one day to shoot his scene, but because he clicked so well with the actors and director Jon Favreau, he ended up staying the week.

Anticipation Arises Around Gareth Pugh

Bringing Gareth Pugh to New York Fashion Week is like buying your first pair of Manolo Blahniks—exhilarating, yet implausible.

Cosmetic company MAC has invited the Paris-based designer to debut his film this Sunday, September 13. Pugh tells Vogue that it “Will represent the essence of what the show this season is about, although it couldn’t be further from a trailer, it’s more of an abstract insight.”

NYC Food Film Festival Starts This Saturday

This Saturday, June 13th, the Third Annual NYC Food Film Festival begins its week of food and film festivities. The NYC Food Film Festival is an event where filmgoers are able to screen food films, and then following that they are able to taste portions of the food that is portrayed in the movies.

The great thing about this festival is that admission to most of the screenings and tasting portions from the films is free. Most of the screenings are taking place at the Water Taxi Beaches at the South Street Seaport and in Long Island City, Queens. The screenings for all films will take place rain or shine and the weather has been pretty wiry lately so best bring an umbrella.

To view a schedule of all the events and screenings, or to buy tickets for the opening night Gala, you can go to the NYC Food Film Festival website here.