A Celebration of Craft Beer Culture

This past Saturday, the Lexington Avenue Armory held the inaugural NYC American Craft Beer Festival where this country’s top breweries came together to celebrate their craft. While celebrating all things beer, Joonbug set out to discover some of the festival’s best liquid offerings by looking for brews with unique ingredients, delicious flavors, as well as breweries who are putting new spins on traditional favorites.

Peak Organic Hop Noir IPA: is a traditional IPA brewed with piney, aromatic hops with a dark, rich organic black malt base. Enjoy this IPA with pungent cheeses, such as brie, lamb shank, and grilled vegetables.

Le Bernardin Has Reopened

Eric Ripert and Maguy LeCoze reopened Le Bernadin on September 9th with a striking new design. Chef Ripert still centers his menu on inventive fish-centered dishes on his new Lounge menu such as gravlax and lobster cappuccino (yum). Enjoy your dinner in relaxation mode as Brooklyn artist Ran Ortner's art piece, Deep Water, takes center stage as the dining room's only piece of art. Enjoy the new Le Bernardin lounge, which will play host to the venue's signature cocktails. The only remaining fixture is the iconic wooden ceiling. Try out their delicious dinner Monday-Saturday and their lunch Monday-Friday. Bon apetite!