The Nike Fuel Band SE

Is it already a struggle to keep your New Year’s Fitness resolution? Make your work-outs more tech-savvy! The Nike Fuel Band SE is an awesome addition to the fitness world, linking you and your work out plan to both your iPhone and your friends. For $149, you can track your workout, not just at the gym, but in a variety of contexts—the club, the grocery store, or even just when you take the stairs. The Fuel Band calculates the intensity of your workouts, number of steps taken, calories burned in all of your movements, and also how you rank against your friends in the Nike Community.

Fast Track For fall

The summer season is coming to an end, and the cool air and colorful leaves of fall are quickly approaching. But just because the weather is getting cooler, doesn't mean we can't maintain our hot bodies! Running is a great way to stay in shape and it is also excellent for your cardiovascular health.

Here are a few great ideas to keep you in top fitness form :

Running Clubs

Get your Forrest Gump on! There are enough running clubs around NYC to go around, and don’t worry you don’t have to be an Olympic long distance runner or the Incredible Flash to join--beginners are more than welcome to participate. Here are a few running clubs to consider, and best of all, they are free to join!

Get Fit with Basis

With spring here many of us have fitness on our minds! Joonbug heard about this ultra-cool fitness band called Basis and wanted to learn more! You wear Basis on your wrist and it helps you decipher which activities burn the most calories, tracks your heart rate, and gives you insight into your fitness routine and overall health.

This lightweight, sleek, and easy to use device can be taken anywhere! For the fashion-minded there are various color options including vibrant red, black, or white. Basis serves as a fitness watch, but really does so much more! For $199, it’s the first device that has the ability to tie your movement, calories burnt, sweat, and pulse together. You gain insight into which activities burn the most calories for you and how you can alter your fitness routine for maximum results. The device can actually save you time and money, because you can see which workouts work best for you (if you've invested in a gym membership). Basis also believes that a few key concepts can help you change your overall health and mood; adding walks, getting proper rest by setting, and sticking to, a reasonable bedtime, and that it's hard to manage what you can't measure. This device has changed all of that.

Both "techies" and fitness lovers are really digging this new wave of fitness gadgets.

Top 3 Fitness Classes in NYC

With bikini season coming quicker than you know, it's important to get your body ready to hit the beaches! Your average gym will provide you with enough equipment to turn up the heat, but if you are really looking to rev up your workout, we've got the top classes in the city to get you looking like a model. Check out our favorite classes NYC has to offer!

Barry's Boot Camp: Jog, run, sprint, incline, squat, lift, crunch. You will hear all these words (too many times) at Barry's Boot Camp, and more. You might hate your instructor while you're there (just kidding) but the payoff will be great. Out of all the exercise classes in the city, this has to be one of the best, funnest, yet toughest. Each day of the week targets a different body part, in conjuction with some hardcore cardio. Prepare to get sweaty, burn calories, and wake up sore the next morning. Nothing is more exhilarating than the rush of endorphins and by the end of this one hour class, you will be grinning ear to ear for pushing yourself. Boot camp couldn't have described it any better.

Just in Time for Summer: Tips for Toned & Sexy Arms

Well, folks, summer is here and there's nothin' you can do to stop it! Even though we're super excited for warmer weather, sundresses and weekends spent sunnin' our buns at the beach, we'll admit that we're not quite beach body ready yet.

If we're not ready, we figured some of our readers might be a little behind the ball, too. Which is why we hunted down three tips that will give us toned, sexy and sculpted arms all summer long!

Use a stability ball: If you've never used a stability ball, we suggest crawling out from under the rock you've been under! Stability balls are pretty much a staple for any workout, and they're super helpful for building arms that look and feel great. Lifting weights while on the ball will help with build stability in your shoulder joint (plus, it doesn't hurt that you're working your core!). Aim for workouts that have you balance on the ball (seated) or workouts that ask you to center your back and shoulders on the ball, leaving your hips elevated. These kids of workouts optimize the time it takes for you to tone!

The Latest Fitness Craze: Ballet Bar Method

Ever since last years’ hit film Black Swan proved to the masses that dance-inspired fitness regimes could re-shape bodies, a slew of ballet-based workouts have hit the market. Cardio Barre, Tracey Anderson Method and barre3 all come to mind, along with numeroous less successful competitors. The originator of the dancer workout, however, is The Bar Method.

The Bar Method was started in the 1970’s in San Francisco by former ballerina Lotte Burr. Combining isometrics, ballet, pilates and light weight work the workout is a low impact way to reshape muscle groups and improve flexibility. Bar Method studios have begun to spring up all over the country, but at $250 a month, keeping your tush in perfect shape can get expensive. Luckily, Bar Method offers a series of DVD’s
for busy, long-distance, or financially strapped potential students. At just $20 on The Bar Method website, you can keep your wallet and your thighs happy.

GapFit and Old Navy Launch Activewear Lines

Here at Glam Damn It, we have been thinking a lot about our New Year's Resolutions. The first month of the year is nearly over and unfortunately, a lot of us have already thrown in the towel on some of our more lofty goals. But sticking to a healthy lifestyle is something that has proven to be rewarding, and while it can be tough to find the time to work on your fitness, the payoff is always worth it. With these cute new workout gear options from GapFit and Active by Old Navy you’ll look just as good as you feel, without breaking the bank.

App-y New Year!

New year, new you, right? Every January, millions of people pledge to take on a challenge to better themselves. But according to the online Goal Setting Guide, 20% of people drop their resolutions after the first month and by July it's estimated that over half of the remaining resolution-keepers give up. Often times it's easier to keep a resolution when you have someone, or something, to hold you accountable. Try out some of these highly recommended apps to keep you on track all year long.

35 Minute Boot Camps: Exclusive Interview with Fitness Expert David Cabral

Ever wanted a workout that was not only efficient but also fun? Well, coach David Cabral, owner of Hoboken Boot Camps, sat down with Joonbug this weekend- after a vigorous workout of learning to walk walls, pounding a truck tire with hammers, and Burpees- to tell you all about his innovative new 35 minute workout. From the warm-up you’ll already feel the burn and by the end, your heart is racing to catch up with the glory you feel for finishing that last lap. He uses freestyle combinations and fun props to give his studio a unique style with results like no other. You can be sure to see anything from a truck tire to resistance bands- the props are always changing so that his clients get the best variety of exercise possible. And that’s not even the best part. Remember, all this is done in 35 intense minutes.