Dots Done Right: How to Wear Polka Dots this Summer

The classic polka dot pattern is back in a big way. The pattern, made famous by Minnie Mouse and itsy-bitsy bikinis, is showing up on everything from hats and dresses, to underwear and umbrellas. Which means, for those of you who are pattern-shy, there is an easy way for you to incorporate them into your wardrobe too! No need to mix patterns if you don’t feel like it; these hot spots look great on their own.

Charity via Twitter

Leann Rimes might have stolen another woman's husband, but we can't reproach her not to be generous with her fans.

The Can't Fight the Moonlight songstress took on to her Twitter account to complain about how difficult it was to keep a closet organized when you have so many clothes to put in it...

"3 SOLID hrs of closet organization. Ok, so the ladies asked for the shoes.....they're everywhere. Even on the back if the door......all organized though! The shelves are 3 rows deep under the bags! Everyone has a vice....mine are shoes and handbags ;) "

Featured Artist Profile: Tijuana Panthers

"Our music isn't that serious. All of the bands I looked up to growing up weren't serious, either. They would have serious lyrics and silly music or serious music and silly lyrics. Music should be about having a good time."

-Phil Shaheen, Tijuana Panthers

California is the home of sunny weather, Hollywood phonies, celebrity politicians, and breast implants numbering two for every one female. However, every one of these characteristics can be transplanted to any region of the country willing to lower its standards. There is one Golden State feature that is strictly held as a California staple, no matter how justified one feels toward redefining the location-identifying label. That is the sweet, echo-y sounds of surf rock.