New World Sound Talks 'Anchorman 2'

The wait for the highly-anticipated sequel to the film Anchorman is nearly over, but in the lead up to the film, fans were presented with a hilarious teaser trailer featuring Ron Burgundy carelessly playing a flute. The song the teaser was set to is in fact real, and the record makers are making quite a wave with the single. Aptly entitled, 'Flute,' the song is by Australian band New World Sound and features Thomas Newson. The highly addictive single has gathered over a million YouTube views and is quickly making the band a household name. We spoke to New World Sound about how their song ended up on the Anchorman 2 teaser, and it is quite interesting how the collaboration materialized.

Free Download: New World Sound - Bounce

In celebration of the success of their single "Flute," New World Sound is generously offering a free download of their infectious single, "Bounce." This banger is definitely a game-changer and will be setting clubs on fire. Check out the single here, and don't miss out on the free download!

Stop the New Years Resolutions

Think of every New Year's you have had since now. Bottle of champagne, plastic flute glass, counting down to a brand new year and midnight kisses, always promising yourself this year will be different. But New Year Resolutions are always broken.

Stop making those resolutions. You don’t need a new year to keep to those promises so, don’t waste your time. They will be forgotten in a few months anyway. Don’t set overconfident goals, just take more time this new year to laugh, drink and be merry.