Jack Daniels To Launch Tribute Bottle To Frank Sinatra

Throughout his career, it would've been a rare occasion to see Frank Sinatra on stage without a glass of whiskey. The iconic singer is being tributed by the worlds biggest and popular whiskey brand, Jack Daniels, with a special label "Sinatra Select" ultra premium batch. Sinatra often reffered to JD as the "Nectar Of Gods" while toasting to his audience during his concerts.

The special whiskey is expected to sell for $150 per bottle at duty free shops along with high-end wine stores. The packaging will also feature a specially designed gift box and book about the relationship between Jack Daniel’s and Frank Sinatra.

59E59 Theaters Announce Fall Season Schedule

Fall can be hectic, but there's a great way to escape. Take in a show at 59E59 Theaters! They recently announced their 2012 fall schedule of performances so check out what's going on below and purchase your tickets here.

Wednesday, September 5 – Sunday, September 30
FLY ME TO THE MOON, written and directed by Marie Jones
With Tara Lynne O’Neill and Katie Tumelty
Produced by Green Shoot Productions

Francis and Loretta are community care workers. Together they care for Davy, a lonely old man whose greatest loves are Frank Sinatra and the races. When Davy dies on the day his horse finally comes in, his two carers are faced with a moral dilemma that threatens to tear their lives - and their friendship - apart. This hilarious new dark comedy from Northern Ireland’s premiere playwright Marie Jones (Stones In His Pockets) is the timely tale of two women struggling in today’s tough economic climate and just how far they will go to make ends meet.

Interview: Eric Dill of Click Five Gives us the Scoop on Going Solo

Eric Dill is the former lead singer for the popular band Click Five. He has since ventured out into a solo career and we got a chance to snag him for an interview about his upcoming album. Get the scoop below!

Joonbug: How has it been transitioning from a member of a band to a solo career? What do you like and dislike about it?

Eric Dill: My artistic endeavors, when considered, have always been born of my own volition. I have found players my whole life to perform with but never felt artistically connected or bound to them. My best collaborative efforts are in live performance, songwriting and production and this I enjoy doing a la carte. As an artist, nothing is more deadening than being controlled. To become a music entity beyond myself would be tying my hands and diluting vision.

New York Nightlife of Yesteryear

Nestled within the recesses of NYC’s illustrious and bejeweled history, lies the haunts of revelry past. Coated within the fine dust of hazy, alcohol-laden memory there exists a time devoid of technology’s ravenous reach; where musicians acted as conduits in the nightly quest for the ephemeral “IT." Two such legends of NYC Nightlife are Copacabana, and the Stork Club—venues infamous in their heyday for being the epicenter of fashionability.

While Time’s ability to corrode and facilitate change is formidable, its capacity to sway the tides of human nature is minute in comparison. While seventy years can change the face of the most infamous city in the world, it has little effect on the desires of the entitled. The proverbial “1 percenters”/ glitterati inhabit that intrinsic niche within the Nation’s culture that both empowers and enables, i.e., for all their social clout in establishing trends, they are equally (and often times) more dependent and reflective of the society they loftily inhabit.

Snag a Piece of Rock 'n' Roll History

Guernsey's is putting on the auction of a lifetime. The auction house, known for many prestigious offerings, including items and paraphernalia of Princess Diana, Mickey Mantle, John F. Kennedy, and many more, is putting on a rock 'n' roll auction, with one-of-a-kind items. The auction will take place September 24th and 25th and there will be a chance to preview the auction on the 23rd.

I was able to snag an exclusive interview with Arlan Ettinger, President of Guernsey's, about the upcoming auction. Head to the auction on Saturday to bid on (or watch others) the famous Manny's Music original inscribed photographs of celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Janis Joplin, and The Rolling Stones. Manny's Music was an iconic store that contained thousands of signed photographs of music's biggest names. Also on Saturday will be original photographs of The Beatles, outfits from the band Kiss, and original letters and artwork by John Lennon.

Sunday will be dedicated to Astrid Kirchherr's original photographs of The Beatles. Astrid, who was engaged to Stuart Sutcliffe before his untimely death, produced some of the most iconic photos of The Beatles ever taken. There are nearly 1000 photos being auctioned, along with the negatives and copyrights to the photos.

How exactly does an auction like this come together? Arlan divulged that he was contacted about a year ago to meet with Astrid in Germany. Ettinger, who has been doing auctions for over 35 years, has spent his career building relationships and has learned to deal sensitively with the sentimental items of others. It took nine months to put together this particular auction.

There has been great interest in this event, from people all over the world. Luckily, with the help of, people may now bid in real time from wherever they are, so even if you can't make it to good ol' NYC, you can still acquire a piece of history. People of all ages (including celebs) bid at these fun events. Check out some of the items to be auctioned!

Frank Sinatra Jr.'s Son Rushed To Hospital

Frank Sinatra Jr.’s son, also named Frank, 32, is currently in the ER at Downey Regional Medical Center.

According to several sources, a 911 call was made yesterday afternoon, and Sinatra Jr.’s son was brought to the hospital for suicide attempt.

Frank had reportedly taken too many pills.

According to PEOPLE, they placed a phone call to Sinatra's room at the Downey Regional Medical Center. The phone was answered by a woman who would only identify herself as the patient's "Aunt Dorothy."

Confirming that Sinatra was there, Aunt Dorothy told PEOPLE, "He's doing okay. He had a big setback. Let's just say it's very similar to what his grandfather went through with Ava Gardner. He's been having a very tough time. He's doing better now. We think he'll pull through."

Get better soon!

Which Las Vegas Staple Are You?

Having a little mid-week crisis? Let us help! Just take this short quiz to figure out exactly who you are -- in relation to Las Vegas celebrities, that is.

So say goodbye to your current identity emergency, and say hello to the four most important questions of your life!

(Ok, so that last part might have been a little over the top, but you get the point. Enjoy!)

1. How do you pick up someone of the opposite sex?

A. A coy smile, enticing laughter, and some sexy dance moves if all else fails

B. I'd just ask them on a date. Simple and direct.

C. Lock eyes from across the room and slowly approach, making sure to maintain the eye contact. Then, I'd just ask if I could buy them a drink. It's classic, and classic never goes out of style.

Hugh Hefner at the Palms: This Has Been My Best Birthday Yet

It's hard enough to imagine someone your parent's age celebrating their birthday in a Vegas club. Now try to imagine someone your grandparent's age doing this. Though, this isn't your average 84 year-old we're talking about here. With a history of having multiple girlfriends at once and founding one of the world's leading men's magazines, Hugh Hefner has always done things a little differently.

Hef and his now one-and-only girlfriend Crystal Harris, 23, flew to Vegas last weekend to commemorate his birthday at the Palms. While the big day was actually on Friday, April 9, they didn't come to the Strip until Saturday since Hef held his traditional Casablanca birthday party, including a screening of the classic film and a recreation of Rick's Café Americain. Channeling Humphrey Bogart, Hef wore a formal white dinner jacket with a black bow tie and dined on caviar and champagne.

Robin Antin & The Caesars Palace Shuffle

Not even a month after it was confirmed that Matt Goss would make the move from the Palms to Caesars Palace, it was announced that the Pussycat Dolls would be leaving Pure in Caesars heading over to Paris.

The Synergy of Sidekicks Charles Hamilton and Josh Madden

Although we were sad to see Charles Hamilton leave the music scene, his return and release of his latest creation Normalcy more then made up for it. And now, alongside with Josh Madden spinning the records, the tag team will tear up the opening night at our Fashion Week Gala event at Capitale. Renowned DJ Josh Madden is the perfect complimentary sidekick to match the energy of Sonic The Hamilton. Not only is DJ Josh Madden touring the U.S., he is also a stylist and co-founder of the clothing label DCMA Collective. Talk about the interwining of music and fashion! We were able to get some answers as to what make these two tick.