Interview: Foxy Shazam

Foxy Shazam has gone GONZO! After releasing a surprise album for FREE, as well as unveiling future tour dates, their fans are in a frenzy! The band, well known for their tremendous sound and air-tight musicianship is opening up in a big way. Armed with vocals that would make Freddie Mercury green with envy, one seriously talented band, and some sweeeeet dance moves, Foxy Shazam is ready to begin their reign as rock’s biggest and brightest stars.

Interview: Eric Dill of Click Five Gives us the Scoop on Going Solo

Eric Dill is the former lead singer for the popular band Click Five. He has since ventured out into a solo career and we got a chance to snag him for an interview about his upcoming album. Get the scoop below!

Joonbug: How has it been transitioning from a member of a band to a solo career? What do you like and dislike about it?

Eric Dill: My artistic endeavors, when considered, have always been born of my own volition. I have found players my whole life to perform with but never felt artistically connected or bound to them. My best collaborative efforts are in live performance, songwriting and production and this I enjoy doing a la carte. As an artist, nothing is more deadening than being controlled. To become a music entity beyond myself would be tying my hands and diluting vision.

Flobots Concert, Out of Balance

I was having quite a terrible day on Wednesday. On top of a generally lousy turn of events, the crossword puzzle in the Metro newspaper (my daily vice) had the clues indecipherably mixed up by spelling “disappointment” in seven vertical letters. With heavy rainfall as my traveling companion on the unavoidably long ride home, I was ready to smash my head against the wall of the tiny room that has become my sanctuary over the past few months. Searching for something to lift my spirits, I got on my computer to find that I had an email waiting in my typically lonely inbox from Paige Skolnick, one of the PR representatives here at Joonbug; “You are on the list for Flobots tomorrow night [at] Brooklyn Bowl.” There was much whooping and fist pumping going on in my little, dimly-lit hobbit-hole.